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Joaquin Phoenix Weight Loss: Diet, Before & After Journey [2021]

Born on 28th October 1974, Joaquin Phoenix is an American actor, environmentalist, animal rights activist, and producer.

He had started his acting career with his brother River and sister Summer when he was just a kid. In 1986, SpaceCamp was his first major film role.

Phoenix grabbed wider attention from audiences through his role as Commodus in the historical drama film Gladiator in 2000.

For his work in Gladiator, He was nominated for an Academy Award for Best Supporting Actor. Phoenix has earned numerous awards and nominations for his work. 

He has won the Grammy Award for Best Compilation Soundtrack for Visual Media for recording the soundtrack to Walk the Line.

Along with his acting career, Joaquin Phoenix Weight Loss journey so often makes headlines.

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Weight Loss Journey

Joaquin Phoenix Weight Loss Journey

Who does not know about Joker star Joaquin Phoenix? He has won the Best Actor Award at the 92nd Annual Academy Awards for playing the role of an iconic antihero named Arthur Fleck.

This role came into Phoenix’s life with lots of achievements and challenges too. To portray the iconic role of an antihero Arthur Fleck, Joaquin Phoenix had to completely transform his body physique and lost 52 pounds in order to get fit into his role. 

45 Years old Phoenix met with writer and director Todd Phillips to discuss the script a few months before the shoot starts. Throughout the discussion, it was decided that Joaquin Phoenix had to look “Hungary and Unhealthy” to fit in his character.

Phoenix consulted with his doctor Before undergoing an extreme diet, to ensure that he is not going to put his health at risk through this weight loss.

In a conversation with Access Hollywood, “It’s something I’ve done before and you work with a doctor regimented and overseen and safe.”

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How Joaquin Phoenix Lost His Weight?

How Joaquin Phoenix Lost His Weight

The weight loss process is not that simple as it looks and writer/director Todd Phillips knows it very well. At that time, Phoenix was around 180 pounds which is obviously not a heavyweight.

But the director was asking him to reach 125 pounds. Director offered him a nutritionist who can help him to execute his vision to get a skinny body so he can fit into Arthur’s role. 

Phoenix refused his director’s offer and decided to lose weight by himself. For his weight loss, he just made a very simple choice to starve himself and live off of apples. He was just having an apple a day for the entire summer! Is it not crazy?

However, in a conversation with Access Hollywood, he explained that – It was not only an apple a day! He was also having lettuce and steamed green beans in his diet as well.

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Diet Plan

Joaquin Phoenix Weight Loss Diet

The Joaquin Phoenix Weight Loss Diet was such a very difficult task. He lost around 55 pounds from his weight in just 4 months with the help of his crazy diet. Movie stars often go on a weight loss diet to get into shape before the shoot starts.

But in the case of Phoenix, he was asked to shed his pounds in months when other stars usually take years. Throughout his diet, he lost 55 pounds to meet the visual expectations of his character. 

He was having “crash-dieting” and cut out his caloric intake drastically. He has limited himself to a few hundred calories a day throughout his diet.

In his diet, he was taking an apple with lettuce, steamed asparagus or green beans, with vinegar, and a host of vitamin and mineral supplements.

As Phoenix is vegan for a very long while, his diet does not include any kind of meat, dairy, or other animal product.

Secrets for Losing Weight

Having an insane diet plan is never going to be enough. In order to survive in your weight loss journey, you have to make a proper execution plan and this is where secrets help us. Here are a few of the major secrets of Joaquin Phoenix’s Weight Loss-

  • Stay Motivated- Weight loss is such a very long journey on which most people gave up just because of lack of motivation. In the case of Actor Phoenix, millions of dollars, professional reputation, and the legacy of his portrayal was in quee that kept him motivated. 
  • Eliminate Social Interactions- Joaquin Phoenix had slashed his social interactions with peoples in order to stay on his cray diet. 

Before and After

John Before and After of Weight Loss

If you have been following Phoenix for a long while and have already watched Joker, his movie, then you can clearly notice How drastically he transformed his body! 

A skinny body of 125 pounds allowed him to perform in such a way, he might not have been able to at his normal weight. His weight loss also makes him feel looseness or freeness in his body.

Phoenix dropped his weight very safely when many nutritionists and weight loss specialists remarked this kind of weight loss is not just unsafe but impractical!

Once the shoot got done, he intended to gain back the weight he had lost. Starting eating again in a healthy way and taking nutritional supplements under a doctor’s care helped him to gain his lost weight again.

Now his weight is around 178 pounds which is just 2 pounds lesser than when he had started losing his weight.

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