Josh Peck Before and after of weight loss

(Updated) Josh Peck Weight Loss: Diet, Before & After [2021]

A Brief Bio Of Josh Peck

Josh Peck was born a New Yorker on November 10th, 1986. He grew up as a childhood actor best known for his role as, “Josh” on the series Drake & Josh. As an adult, Josh has revealed how his time as a child actor severely damaged him emotionally and physically.

He struggled with obesity as a child and often comments on his YouTube channel, “Josh Peck”, how unfortunate it is that his awkward and obese years are documented on film. Those difficult years were also tainted with drug and alcohol abuse.

Since that time Josh has made incredible lifestyle and health transformations. Continue reading below to find out more.

Josh Peck Weight Loss Journey

Josh Peck’s History Of Childhood Obesity

“I used to be a big fat fatty. I was the best thing to come out of Nickelodeon with a 46-inch waist and a 3x shirt. Those were my measurements. I was overweight for about 10 years.”

Josh Peck has admitted that as a child he would eat an entire pizza every day for lunch and wash it down with some breadsticks. Today Josh can reflect and laugh about his previous poor dietary choices and weight issues, but he has made it no secret that those childhood years of his were some of his darkest days.

How Much Weight Did Josh Peck Lose?

How Did Josh Peck Lose His Weight

Josh Peck divulged exactly how much weight he lost on a YouTube collaboration with David Dobrik.

Josh Peck lost 100 pounds. Throughout his weight loss journey, he has implemented major dietary changes and discovered a passion for working out.

These changes coupled with his new and healthier lifestyle habits have made a drastic impact on his overall health. Josh quit drinking and doing drugs and is now happily married and has a son.

How Josh Peck Lost So Much Weight

It’s been many years since Josh lost so much weight. Back in those days, there weren’t any “paleo” or “keto” diets, it was the Atkins diet that was popular at the time.

Josh went on the Atkins diet and dropped 40 pounds in 2 months. “I’d eat a cheeseburger without the bun and bacon.” His understanding of the Adkins diet was that he could eat as much protein as he wanted as long as he was avoiding sugar and carbs.

In the very first year on the Atkins diet, Josh Peck went from 280 pounds down to 220, shedding a total of 60 pounds.

Why Did Josh Peck Lose Weight?

When asked in an interview on the Impluasive podcast, “Why did you want to lose weight? That was part of your brand.” Josh explained that he wanted to open up more opportunities in his acting career and that his weight was limiting him to roles like “the chubby best friend, or the bully”. He couldn’t audition for serious roles and he had a desire to abandon the “overweight actor” niche he was stuck in.

Josh has also stated that losing weight was a big deal, that he was glad to be able to do it and hopefully inspire some people.

How Does Josh Peck Stay Fit And Slim?

Josh Peck Weight Loss workout

Josh was asked in an interview on the Impaulsive podcast how he manages to keep the weight off. “Now I’m like obsessed with working out, but there’s still a full-fat boy in me when I wake up in the morning like I never wake up in the mood for salad; I want pancakes!”

He went on to explain that it takes fortitude and determination to daily make good diet decisions and to “keep on keeping on”. He does “cheat” on his diet every day, but they are only small portions and he is diligent in his exercise routine.

Josh Peck’s Diet & Exercise Routine For Weight Loss


  • Personal trainer, Bob Harper.
  • Regular workouts including: walking, running, cardio, and weight training for fat burning.


  • Customized diet plan by his personal trainer.
  • Avoid sugar and carbohydrates.
  • Eat lots of leafy greens.

Josh Peck’s trainer, Bob Harper, has helped him stick to a strict diet plan and workout routine. Bob has advised Josh to avoid alcoholic beverages and coffee and to stick with good habits like getting plenty of rest and drinking a lot of water.

Did Josh Peck Have Weight Loss Surgery?

Josh Peck did not have weight loss surgery or gastric bypass. He choose to utilized natural methods for weight loss to achieve a healthy lifestyle and a slim and fit figure. Regular exercise and intense workouts have become a passion for him.

His trainer also curates customized diet plans for Josh and advises him to make good dietary choices every day.

Josh Peck Before & After Weight Loss

Josh Peck Before and after of weight loss

A common issue people struggle with who have lost a dramatic amount of weight is having excess loose skin. Some people do choose to have surgery for this weight loss side-effect. Josh Peck has not disclosed any use of surgery for his weight loss or excess skin and has stated, “You stretch your skin at 300 pounds and that’s beyond recovery.”

Josh Peck’s Weight Today & Lifestyle

Josh Peck now weighs 190 pounds. You can watch a video of him revealing his current weight and his previous struggles with obesity on his YouTube channel below.

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