Andrea Bocelli before and after weight loss

Andrea Bocelli Weight Loss: Diet, Workout, Before & After [2021]

Andrea Bocelli was born on 22nd September 1958. He is an Italian multi-instrumentalist and opera tenor. Bocelli’s parents are Alessandro and Edi Bocelli. His birthplace is Lajatico, Italy.

In his recent performance, during the pandemic, at Duomo Cathedral he made a world record. He got millions of views (36 million) while live streaming for classical music and singing.

However, fans got worried about his appearance as he seems to be thinner than he was before.

Some fans suggested that he is going through some illness some made other conspiracy theories.

However, the story was totally different he lost some weight on his purpose. Let’s discuss how he did that.

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Weight Loss Journey

Andrea weight lose

Well, the answer to this question is not well known, Bocelli appeared to be thinner than before when he appeared on stage. After his recent performance on 12th April 2020 on Easter, so many rumors were raised.

However, none was near the reality or any truth. We tried to find out the fact and started our research on his weight loss.

The real question was did Bocelli really lost weight or was it all rumors and false news. We found out that he did lose some weight but because of his personal life is less exposed to fans and paparazzi.

Few people knew the truth about his condition. However, what is known about his journey of weight loss we have shared with you below.

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How did Bocelli Lost Weight?

Andrea Bocelli weight loss journey

Some fans because of a sudden change in his body suggested that Bocelli undergo weight loss surgery.

However, this was not true though he lost weight, but it seemed to be surgery because he exposed himself to the public after a long time and in a totally different style. Bocelli followed some daily routine to lose his weight and his routine is discussed following,

Diet Plan

 As mentioned earlier that Bocelli’s personal life is not well known to the media and his fans. His diet plan is not perfectly known. However, this is true that Bocelli converted himself to vegetables and salad.

Workout Plan

However, this is a built fact that Bocelli did not attend any gym for workouts, the reason may be because he has a loving and caring wife at home who may have helped him in his workout at home. And Bocelli’s sons also are with him.

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Before & After

Andrea Bocelli before and after weight loss

These are the photographs that made fans unsettled. It is apparent that Bocelli’s appearance changes almost wholly. He has lost a significant amount of weight.

What was known about Andrea Bocelli’s weight loss, we have shared with you. However, if you want to get some advice on weight loss for yourself, here are few pieces of advice that will help you in the way.

  1. Avoid eating junk food
  2. Avoid overeating
  3. Shift to healthy vegetables and fruits
  4. Drink a good amount of water
  5. Lessen the amount of meat you eat, especially for dinner
  6. Shift to green tea or gourd juice from coffee and milk tea.
  7. Join gym
  8. Wake up early in the morning
  9. Start jogging after waking up

Early Life

During his mother’s pregnancy doctors advised Bocelli’s parents that they should abort the child. As it was apparent to doctors that the child will be born with some disability.

However, Bocelli’s parents (particularly his mother) rejected the advice of doctors and they decided to give birth.

Andrea Bocelli had many problems with his sight, he was diagnosed with congenital glaucoma at the age of 5 months.

Unfortunately, he became completely blind because of a football accident when he was 12 years old.

Bocelli has thanked his mother for the decision of giving birth to him. He said that it is an inspiration for him.

Bocelli has loved music since his childhood. His mother said about him that music was the only thing that comforted him.

At the age of 6, he started piano classes and became good at it. Later he learned how to play the flute, guitar, drums, saxophone, and trumpet.

After an accident during a football match where he was playing as a goalkeeper and was hit in the eye by the ball, he lost his sight completely.

Nevertheless, Bocelli continued practicing music and singing. Bocelli’s career started with his audition for tenors by Zucchero, who was an Italian rock star. His first song “Miserere” became a hit throughout Europe.

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