Before and After of Weight Loss Transformation

Jessica Simpson Weight Loss: Diet, Workout, Before & After [2021]

Born on 10th July 1980, Jessica Simpson is an American singer, actress, fashion designer, and author. Simpson was signed with Columbia Records, in 1997, When she was only 16. She started her singing career by performing in church choirs as a child.

In 1999, her debut album Sweet Kisses sold over two million copies in the United States. Her second studio album Irresistible (2001), earned her a more mature image in the industry and its title track became 2nd top 20 entry on the Billboard Hot 100 of hers. Recording Industry Association of America (RIAA) Gold certified this album

Along with her successful career as a singer, Jessica Simpson is also very popular for her weight loss.

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Jessica Simpson Physics: Height and Weight

Jessica Simpson Weight Loss

Born in Abilene, Texas, Jessica is the first child of Tina Ann Simpson, a homemaker, and Joseph “Joe” Simpson, a psychologist and Baptist youth minister. As of now, 40 years old Jessica Simpson is 161cm tall and 126 pounds or 57 kg in weight.

Weight Loss Journey

Jessica Simpson Weight Loss journey

40 Years old Jessica Simpson has started focusing more on health after welcoming her third baby child. She started making small but impactful changes in her lifestyle in order to weight loss.

Jessica has lost around 100 pounds by making changes in her lifestyle and following her diet. Her long-time trainer Harley Pasternak shared almost everything about how she lost 100 pounds from her weight.

What was Her Weight Loss Plan?

A proper plan is always very important when you are going on very difficult tasks like Weight Loss but in Jessica’s case, it was completely different.

In a conversation with People, Jessica’s trainer Harley Pasternak said that He never works with scales.

Jessica and her trainer Harley had not started with keeping a specific weight loss goal or plan in their mind.

“My work with Jessica is more about the habits she has created and kept up” – Harley said.

It was all about steps they followed to shed the weight of Jessica.

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How Jessica Simpson Lost her Weight?

Harley Pasternak, who has worked with Jessica for many years, led Jessica up for success via making lifestyle changes right after giving birth to her third child Birdie Mae. Jessica was weighing 240 pounds after her third delivery.

Pasternak helped Jessica to lose 100 pounds by following these 5 simple steps:

Step 1- Daily Walk

Pasternak said that “Walking is a social thing that she can do with her kids too” and eased Jessica into activity slowly, starting with walking 6,000 steps daily. According to E-News, Soon after starting 6,000 steps a day, Jessica Started Walking 14,000 steps a day!

Step 2- The Body Reset Diet

The Body Reset Diet, by New York Times bestselling author Harley Pasternak, is a three-phase program that focuses on the easiest, most effective way to get slim down.

Jessica followed Pasternak’s diet plan with the personal assistant of Pasternak. This diet claims to Power Your Metabolism, Blast Fat, and Shed Pounds in Just 15 Days.

Step 3- Spending Times In Gym

She hit the gym with Pasternak and gym trainer Sydney Liebes. Jessica impressed her trainers with the 45 minutes session thrice a week. Her ‘impressed’ gym trainer Sydney said that She has worked her ass off and her reward is priceless! I have been training for the last 10 years but I was never this much excitement for the transformation of my client.

Step 4- Spending time without technology everyday

Working out hard and eating healthier is not enough for a healthy weight loss and Jessica was completely aware of it. She used to unplug herself from the technology for at least an hour every day. Pasternak said that “This approach gives you the mental peace and restful sleep” in order to keep your mind and body happy.

Step 5- Quality Sleep

Many people underestimate the importance of sleep in the journey of weight loss. Her trainer Pasternak says that “Losing weight is not the only thing! Managing your weight loss plays a key role in your weight loss journey.”

Jessica used to get at least 7 hours of sleep every night in order of weight loss management.

Diet Plan

Being responsible for what you eat is very important in order to weight loss. Now max of the people thinks that if they are wondering to lose weight like Jessica then they have to follow a very strict diet.

But, This myth is completely false. In fact, Jessica herself was never on a strict diet.

Eating healthy played a major role in Jessica’s weight loss journey. Jessica was following her trainer Pasternak’s The Body Reset Diet which allows you to have three meals and two snacks each day.

In this diet, each meal contains protein, fiber, and fat, While the snacks are a combo of protein and fiber or protein and fat. This diet is not limited to just a diet but it also offers you the ultimate plan for a thinner, healthier, and happier life.

Weight Loss Shake

Jessica Simpson was on a Smoothie diet where she reduced 60 pounds from her weight by just drinking Smoothies.

Nutritionists agree that consuming a nutrient-dense smoothie into your daily diet can help avoid pound creepage by keeping hunger levels in control.

Jessica was on 15 days smoothie diet where she consumed:

  • 5 days of having 3 smoothies with 2 healthy snacks a day.
  • 5 days of having 2 smoothies with 2 healthy snacks and 1 meal a day.
  • 5 days of having 1 smoothie with 2 snacks and 2 meals a day.

Transformation: Before and After

Before and After of Weight Loss Transformation

Jessica first posted about her weight loss on Instagram, in September 2019, and said “She has lost 100 pounds just after the six months of giving birth to her third child. Her personal trainer Pasternak helped her a lot in Jessica’s weight loss journey.

After losing 100 pounds, Jessica is feeling like she did before she had kids. If we have a look at the pictures of Jessica then we can clearly notice that “Jessica has transformed her body in such an elegant way.” She has now started looking more active and fresher.

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