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Salvage Hunters John Tee Weight Loss: Diet, Before & After [2021]

Born in June of 1970, John Tee is an architectural antique dealer and the star of Salvage Hunters, an antique show of Quest TV. He is an antique expert and has an outstanding vision for spotting a diamond amongst the rough. As an actor, he is best known for Salvage Hunters (2011) and Salvage Hunters: Classic Cars, which ran in 2018. 

Though “Tee” is best known for his television show, his weight loss journey has garnered much attention from his fans and followers. Continue reading to learn more about John Tee’s incredible determination and experience losing weight. 

John Tee’s Weight Loss Story

John Tee Weight Loss Journey

Viewers of the hit show Salvage Hunters have gotten to know John Tee through his entertaining and informative episodes. Tee’s personality shines through and it’s very clear that he has a vast knowledge of antiques and their valuation. This has made him very successful in his business endeavors. 

While Tee was excelling with his business and finances, the culmination of the stress of his work and the constant filming process began to take its toll, leading to a very unhealthy lifestyle. Lack of daily routine, juggling a jam-packed schedule, and poor dietary choices caused a tremendously negative impact on his health.

Due to all of these struggles and the stress on his body, Tee soon discovered another issue; his thyroid. An unbalanced body system wreaked havoc on his immune system and he found himself dealing with major thyroid issues. His doctors advised him that he was dealing with numerous deficiencies due to his unhealthy diet and lifestyle. 

John Tee Salvage Hunters

The reality of his overweight and failing body, coupled with the risk of losing his business finally sank in. Tee realized that weight loss was essential for his career and health. He started making drastic changes in his life to improve his health. It took a great deal of discipline and hard work, but he finally managed to get his thyroid under control and began losing weight. 

How Did Salvage Hunters John Tee Lose Weight?

After realizing that losing weight was necessary to improve the overall quality of his life, he determined to make whatever changes were needed to shed the pounds. 

He started with a strict and healthy diet plan, cutting out heavily processed foods and increasing raw fruits and vegetables. This helped tremendously with his weight and overall health. Another major game-changer for Tee was cutting out alcohol consumption. He began to get his energy and health back on the right track.

In addition to his eating habits and diet, he also incorporated exercise into his routine. Tee started walking, jogging, and swimming, which his doctors had recommended for achieving weight loss. His efforts and dedication paid off and gradually he started seeing some positive changes in his body.

These positive changes resulted not only in weight loss but also in a much healthier thyroid. Tee’s body was stronger, healthier, and his mental health had improved substantially. 

The two main reasons for “Salvage Hunters” John Tee’s weight loss are a strict and healthy diet plan and workout. He managed to lose a significant amount of excess fat from his body which had caused major problems with his health and career. 

‘Salvage Hunters’ Tee’s weight loss journey is an excellent example of how possible it is to make major diet and lifestyle changes to achieve a fit and healthy body. His journey teaches us that eliminating unhealthy living habits is more important than frequent physical exercise.

John Tee’s Breakfast Diet

Having a lightweight and healthy breakfast is the first approach to start living a healthy lifestyle. A healthy breakfast does not only help you with weight loss, but it also keeps you energetic the whole day. Here are the top 5 diets that Tee recommends and incorporates in his daily life.

  •     Black Beans – Black beans are a very powerful belly fat fighter with their soluble fiber. Every 10 grams of added soluble fiber you consume daily will help you lose weight faster. 
  •     Eggs – Eggs are rich in high-quality protein, healthy fats, and many other essential vitamins and minerals! This is why it is listed amongst the healthiest weight loss foods that you can add to your diet.
  •     Salmon – Protein and Omega-3 fatty acids keep you energized and satiated for a long time. Add some salmon to your morning meal for a long-lasting boost of energy.
  •     Almond Butter – Nuts are highly rich in fiber, which keeps your stomach full for a long time. Almond butter is packed with protein, fiber, antioxidants, and monounsaturated fats. 
  •     Oatmeal – Oatmeal is a wonderful grain loaded with high fibers which keep you feeling fuller for a longer period. Eating a breakfast that includes oatmeal will help you burn extra fat.

John Tee’s Body Transformation: Before and After

John Tee Breakfast Diet

If you are among the followers of John Tee and his show Salvage Hunters, then you have certainly noticed the dramatic transformation he has achieved with his body and health.  John Tee was suffering from thyroid problems and was living under heavy work pressure before his weight loss.

After losing a significant amount of weight, he won his battle against thyroid problems, and he also attained a healthier balance with his career and personal life. 

Now he is living a very healthy lifestyle and enjoying the freedom and benefits of having a healthy body, mind, and career.

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