Before and After of delta burk weight loss

Delta Burke Weight Loss: Diet, Surgery, Before & After [2021]

Emmy Awards nominated actress Delta suddenly started disappearing from the Big Screens slowly after completing her superhit series designing Women. Do you know what was the reason behind her sudden disappearance from screens? 

She was getting overweight day by day! And this was the main reason for her sudden disappearance. She had “hypoglycemia” and was already told that if she still did not start taking care of her then she could develop diabetes! 

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Born on 30th July 1956, Delta Burke is an American actress, producer, and author. She is best known for her role in Designing Women, a CBS sitcom, as Suzanne Sugarbaker From 1986 to 1991. She has earned two nominations of Emmy Awards for Outstanding Lead Actress in a Comedy Series.

Burke has also worked in Filthy Rich (1982–83), Delta (1992–93), Women of the House (1995), and DAG (2000–01). As a producer, she has produced and starred in made-for-TV movies.

Burke had made a recurring guest role in the drama series Boston Legal (2006–07) and appeared in the film What Women Want (2000). 

You will have probably heard about the very famous “Designing Women” if you have grown up in the 80s to 90s era.

Besides her superhit acting career, Delta Burke’s weight loss journey also makes headlines so often. 

 Weight Loss Journey

Delta Burke Weight Loss Journey

During filming for Designing Women, she gained a few more pounds in weight which led her to the diagnosis of type 2 diabetes. She weighed 215 pounds, higher than ever, by the time she left the show in 1991.

She was getting depressed day by day because of her weight. Even, she had missed the opportunity to play her role in another big series like “Designing Women”.

With her hard work and dedication to making a comeback on the screens, she cut down her weight through her diet and exercise. 

Delta Burke Weight Gain Again

After somehow managing herself and relieving all her depression, Burke decided to start a cloth brand where she will launch plus-size clothes for women. Everything was started going perfectly but unfortunately, her health issues started again! 

This time, she was gaining weight more quickly day by day and tipped the mark of 220 pounds weight in her body. Keeping the growth of her weight in mind, Her doctors tested and found diabetes in her body and now things have become worse. 

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How Delta Burke Lost Her Weight?

How Delta Burke Lost Her Weight

After having diabetes and getting her lost weight again, actress Burke decided this time to work harder than ever and will change her eating habits. To maintain a healthy lifestyle, she consulted a doctor and took assistance for her. 

Her doctor removed sluggish dishes, such as sugary and heavily processed foods, from her diet and suggested some workouts to start maintaining a healthy lifestyle.

With the help of doctor’s treatment and workouts, Burke successfully managed to shed 20 pounds from her weight.

However, she was not doing her workouts regularly. For this, her doctor informed her that, if she did not work regularly upon her weight and care for herself then very soon she would have to take assistance from Insulin to maintain her life.

Delta Burke became more regular and active in the gym and doing workouts after hearing the alert from her doctor.

This time she successfully shredded 65 pounds from her weight via following a proper diet and doing regular workouts.

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Diet Plan

Delta Burke Weight Loss Diet

According to Burke’s doctor, She has adopted Keto and Vegan diet on her weight loss journey. Her doctor advised her to make a point of eating nutritious and vegan food.

With the aid of nutritious food and a Keto diet, she started losing her weight and lost her first 20 pounds along with doing the workout.

In her breakfast, she had started drinking drinks, smoothies, green tea and also observed her lunch and dinner meal arrangements.

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Did She Have Surgery?

Most weight loss aspirants consider Gastric Bypass weight loss surgery as the easiest method for weight loss. But in the case of Delta Burke, it is completely different.

She has never undergone any kind of surgery for her weight loss surgery. She just followed her doctor’s suggestions and also worked out very hard to complete her weight loss journey.

In an interview, Delta has revealed that Her husband, Gerald McRaney, helped her a lot in her weight loss journey. Gerald always used to remind Delta of what she should be doing or should not be eating.

Before and After

Before and After of delta burk weight loss

Delta’s weight loss journey was full of ups and downs. She gained and lost her weight twice in her journey. If we have a look at her before and after image then we can clearly notice how gently she managed to transform her body physique.

Today, actress Delta has a lightweight body of 150 pounds. She fought bravely not just with her weight but with diabetes too.

Delta had ended her show because of her obese 215 pounds weight along with depression and stress.

Now she has completely moved on from her depression and stress too. However, she is unemployed at the present time but she is way happier than ever for her weight loss.

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