Ariel Winter Before and After Weight Loss journey

Ariel Winter Weight Loss: Diet, Secret, Before & After [2021]

Born on 28th January 1998, Ariel Winter is an American actress, voice actress, model, and occasional singer. Ariel is best known for portraying her role as Alex Dunphy in the comedy series Modern Family.

As a voice actress, her voice as the title character in the Disney Junior shows Sofia the First and the voice of Penny Peterson in the 2014 animated film Mr. Peabody and Sherman are well recognized by the world.

22 Years old American actor Ariel Winter was forced to deal with serious media criticism for being too big but now look at the stunning body transformation of the Modern Family star and you can’t be anything but impressed. So curious to know more about Ariel’s weight loss journey?

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Journey of Losing Weight

Ariel Winter Weight Loss Journey

Ariel is not the first celebrity who has faced controversy over their weight. We all remember the Michael J Fox weight loss scandal.

That’s because they’re in the public eye for a reason, they need to work harder to shed that excess weight.

Ariel did do some light exercising before she went on the show and was keen to talk to her trainer about losing weight.

They found a great program that helped her lose a little bit each day and also included other activities like yoga. It was hard work though and she probably put in about an hour of exercise per day.

So how did Ariel achieve such a rapid weight loss on her diet and exercise? Her program includes low-calorie carbs, fruit, vegetables, and whole grains along with lots of water.

The low-calorie carb is mostly from unrefined brown rice. Ariel says it gives her energy which she needs to keep up her weight loss regime. 

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How Did Ariel Winter Lose Her Weight

How Did Ariel Winter Lost Her Weight

Her doctor has been advising her about losing weight since she developed high blood pressure when she was young.

He also told her that a certain amount of weight loss was normal for her since she had lost most of her body fat.

Her weight loss diet works best when combined with a healthy exercise routine. She also recommends drinking a lot of water.

Ariel said that she was happy with her new figure since it means she doesn’t have to wear very revealing clothing anymore.

She also feels good about herself because she feels good about her body and looks great. Let’s have a deep look at her weight loss diet:)

Diet Plan

Ariel said that her diet has made all the difference in her life. She is happier and healthier, and now has more energy than she has in years. She also looks great and seems more attractive.

Her diet contains a lot of fruits and vegetables and is rich in fiber. Her plan also includes lots of freshwaters which she drinks on a regular basis.

She has also incorporated an eight-week weight loss program into her daily diet.

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Ariel Winter Secret of Losing Weight

Ariel Winter Weight Loss Secret

Weight loss is not easy but it can be done. The more effort that you put into it the easier it will be and the more effective it will be. Ariel also knows that we all struggle to lose weight and can lose a few pounds in between.

She hopes her story and secrets will encourage you to keep going and don’t give up. Have a look at her very impactful weight loss secret and tips-

  • There is no time limit on the results that you will see when you follow Ariel’s plan. She will lose a significant amount of weight in a week or two but if you are persistent you can stay on track for the long term. If you find your weight slowly increasing you should continue working at it until you have reached your goal.
  • As you go through your weight loss journey, there are some key things that you must remember. Eating healthy, getting plenty of exercise and staying hydrated are the three main things that will make the difference.


Ariel has also become much more active since she took control of her health and fitness. She has shedded more than 30 pounds and has transformed her body physique in such a very nice way. Have a look at some of her Weight Loss Photos:

Ariel Winter Weight Loss Photos 2
Ariel Winter Weight Loss Photos 1
Ariel Winter Weight Loss Photos 3

Transformation: Before and After

Ariel Winter Before and After Weight Loss journey

Ariel Winter is a very sexy young woman who has done a very impressive job in changing herself from a thin young woman to a beautiful woman.

After going through serious media criticism for being too big, Ariel Winter started working on her figures and the result you can see now.

She has dropped 30 pounds within months by opting only for natural methods. 

transformation into a very beautiful young woman has not just been a quick change of clothes, but has been a long term change of diet.

She now likes to go on walks in the morning and enjoys the fresh air products that make her feel great.

She has only changed the size of one part of her body, her breasts. Ariel has decided to go to a plastic surgeon in order to have her breasts enhanced and to also get some help to change her stomach.

Now she looks way slimmer and attractive than ever. Ariel’s weight loss journey is so inspiring for all her fans and followers.

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