Sherry Yard Before and after weight losss

Sherry Yard Weight Loss: Diet, Workout, Before & After [2021]

It is almost impossible to not remember Sherry Yard when talking about pastries and cakes. Sherry Yard was born on 11th January 1964. Her father was a firefighter. Yard was born 5th girl in her family, she has 4 elder sisters. 

Sherry is famous for her weight loss as well, she lost 10 pounds before the start of every show because of tasting what every contestant has made, she said that she will gain 15 more pounds anyhow.

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Sherry Weight loss Journey

Sherry yard journey of weight los

Sherry Yard is a baking judge. She attends many cooking shows as a judge. And you know that a judge cannot judge a contestant until he/she has tasted their dish. Sherry’s work involves eating heavy sugar food, particularly cakes and pastries.

In an interview when she was asked about her work, she said that “My work is eating and judging and I am so much afraid of gaining weight. So I have to lose at least 10 pounds before starting the new show because chances are I will gain 15 more pounds till the time when the show is over.”

However, despite her routine of weight loss Yard gained unnecessary weight and was struggling with her.

But on the airing of her new show “Great American Baking Show: Holiday Edition”, Sherry looked very slim and her fans got shocked and inspired as well. How did she do it, we will discuss it in the coming paragraph.

How did Sherry Yard lost her weight?

Because she has to do it again and again, Yard has a strict diet routine and a great workout plan.

Sherry loses her weight by restraining herself from eating some food and by eating some food. Which food, we will discuss in her diet plan.

Yard once told by answering a question of her fan that although losing weight is really hard work to do but by doing it again and again she does not face much greater difficulty.

However, this all changed in her recent attempt to lose some weight because of more weight than previous attempts.

Diet Plan

Sherry Yard’s diet plan is more composed of restraining from food than eating diet food. Yard restrain herself from eating junk food, mainly fast food.

Yard also avoids eating food that contains more sugar, as her job is to taste food that contains heavy sugar elements.

She once replied to a question of a reporter “I tell myself that restrain yourself now from cakes and pastries and then eat a lot of them later as a judge in the show. I simply love food.” She once mentioned that she tastes every dish that contestants have made.

However, only restraining yourself from junk and heavy food does not work. Yard also consumes healthy diet food.

She starts her day with a sip of green tea in breakfast, Yard’s lunch and dinner are mainly composed of light food, particularly salad.

Losing 10 pounds and in her recent attempt losing 15 pounds is a hell of a job and Sherry knows perfectly how to do it.

She follows this routine day in and day out till the show starts. Then, of course, is her time to enjoy the sweet food made by contestants.

Workout Plan

Visiting the gym is also part of Sherry Yard’s daily routine. She does push-ups and pull-ups there.

In the gym, Sherry’s main focus is on cycling because it helps a lot in burning calories and losing weight. She also lifts weight in the gym from 10 to 12 KGs.

We do not know much about her workout routine because of her personal life as a secret. However, what we knew we shared with you.

How much Weight Lost in her Journey?

It may not be necessary to mention the weight loss of 10 pounds as it is mentioned already multiple times.

Something changed, however, this time. Sherry Yard gained much weight and was struggling with it. Her target was to lose 15 pounds, not 10 pounds.

Yard followed the above diet and workout plan to fight her overweight and got successful in her mission. She successfully lost 15 pounds. She is happy with her goal.

After achieving success in losing her 15 pounds Sherry attended ABC’s “The Great American Baking Show: Holiday Edition” as a judge and tasted a lot of sweet food.

Where is Sherry Yard now in her weight loss journey?

Yard has continued her daily routine of diet though to less degree than before because we know “her love for food”. Sherry is now the chief operating officer of the restaurant division of iPic Entertainment.

So, her struggle is real, Yard still as a chief chef tastes the dishes made by her subordinates. She visits the gym at least 5 to 6 days per week and eats light food for dinner.

Before & After

Sherry Yard Before and after weight losss

The difference in her before and after photograph tells the whole story. It can be realized by just looking at the photo that how real her hard work has been. It is a motivation for everyone who is struggling with their weight. Remember, nothing is impossible!

Early Life

Yard was born in Brooklyn, New York. She attended Catholic school. Sherry got a scholarship in a nursing school when she finished high school.

However, her parents asked her to not to attend it because it was not her thing and leave this place for someone who really wants it.

After her decision not to go for nursing, she attended the culinary institute of America and then graduated from there.

Sherry Yard admitted that she was interested in cake baking and cooking since her childhood. She said that her inspiration for cooking was her grandmother.

After her graduation, she earned a scholarship in the UK where she improved her knowledge and skill of baking.

Yard participated in the Cutthroat Kitchen baking show and won the competition. Yard has been a judge on various baking shows.

She has been working for Wolfgang Puck for more than 25 years. Yard has won various awards in her career and is the author of 2 cookbooks.


Sherry Yard regards her weight loss as one of the duties of her routine. Yard stated that “though this time losing weight was really a tough job but nevertheless it felt like my routine and warm up before the start of the show”.

We hope that if you are struggling with your weight, Sherry Yard’s story will help you in overcoming your problems. Thank you

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