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Vince Herbert Weight Loss: Diet, Surgery, Before & After [2021]

Born on 27th January 1973, Vince  Herbert is an American songwriter, record producer, record executive, and founder of an imprint of Interscope Records Streamline Records.

Along with his work, he has co-starred with his ex-wife in their reality series Tamar & Vince. His drastic weight loss journey also makes headlines so often. 

To help you lose weight and achieve your goals, Vince Herbert has written a plan for you to follow. It includes recipes that are easy to prepare, tips on how to use fruits and vegetables, and other information that are essential to your success.

There are several ways that you can use his plan, as some of his suggestions can be applied to any lifestyle. This includes the idea that you may lose more weight if you exercise every day.

You should also take time to make healthy choices, such as eating healthy options such as fruits and vegetables.

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Routine for Losing Weight

Vince Herbert Weight Loss

Vince Herbert, creator of the “Lose the Flab” program, has developed a diet system that focuses on eating right, exercising, and making changes to your lifestyle in order to lose weight. His program is designed for both men and women to reach their weight loss goals.

The goal is to help people achieve the results they want by using a system that is easy to follow, works, and gives you all the information you need to make the most of your weight loss efforts.

His plan includes a diet that provides the necessary nutrients to support weight loss and a workout plan to get you started.

In Vince Herbert’s book, he gives you information about what foods you should eat, how often, and how much each of those foods should have.

He also provides tips about choosing your exercise equipment, including what type of equipment is best for your lifestyle and age.

In addition, the plan focuses on choosing healthy snacks, making sure you eat enough and having a consistent exercise routine to keep the weight off.

It is important to realize that losing weight requires you to be dedicated to your goal, as it is not something that is easy to do overnight.

How Vince Herbert Lost His Weight?

How Vince Herbert Lost His Weight

Vince Herbert believes that losing weight is a lifelong process, and that it is important to stay motivated during the process.

Although you will want to stick with the plan no matter what, it is important that you realize that losing weight takes commitment.

This is why it is important to have someone who will be there for you when you are struggling and just want to quit.

Vince Herbert’s plan focuses on using a diet and workout plan that works well for many people.

For instance, if you are a woman who is trying to lose weight, you might want to consider using a plan that includes eating more fruits and vegetables, exercising, and taking a multivitamin supplement in addition to the program.

This will help you reach your weight loss goals while making sure you get all the nutrients your body needs. Vince Herbert had divided his weight loss journey into Three Phases. Let’s have a deep dive into all his three phases-

The Welcome Phase – This is the most important stage of Vince’s plan. The Welcome Phase is divided into two parts: The “Ritual” phase, during which Vince learned about the basics of the weight loss program, and The “Workout”. Vince encouraged himself to eat natural, whole foods, drink plenty of water, and reduce sugar intake.

The Workout Phase – In this phase, Vince focused on building his strength, stamina, and introduced himself to a number of workout methods, including interval training. aerobic exercises, strength training, and cardio workouts. All these methods can boost your body’s metabolic rate, which ultimately increases your energy level, reduces fatigue and improves your metabolism. and boosts your immune system.

The Eliminate Phase – The Eliminate Phase is divided into three phases: The “Diet” phase, the “Recovery” phase and the “Metabolism Phase”.

The goal of the “Diet” phase is to lose weight gradually, the “Recovery” phase is to reduce weight gradually, and the “Metabolism Phase” is to focus on the required nutrients and vitamins to build lean muscle mass, and increase metabolism.

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Vince Herbert and Atkins Diet to Lose Weight

Vince Herbert and Atkins diet for Weight Loss

According to some reports, Herbert was following the Atkins Diet, but The truth is that he never really lost weight because the Atkins diet is so easy to stick with that people tend to eat their favorite foods while avoiding the ones they hate.

Vince Herb tried the diet for six months before he lost his weight. He was able to lose about one-third of his body weight during this time.

However, soon after that, Vince realized that eating junk food and other bad food is not going to work. So he had to start counting calories to keep his weight in check.

When Vince started his diet, he wanted to stick to the same foods he ate prior to the Atkins diet. He said that he liked to eat steak and burgers. He decided to count the number of hamburgers he ate each day.

Vince Herb is not the only celebrity that lost weight with the help of the Atkins diet. However, if you want to achieve success with your own weight loss, you should always keep in mind that you have to eat healthy food in order to succeed.

In his daily diet, he mostly prefers to eat, paleo and low carb styled diet and drink a lot of water. He always tries to eat high-calorie food. The healthy fats, low carb foods, and a lot of proteins are the main priority of his daily diet.


Vince Herbert has used a lot of money to try to make the most out of weight loss surgery, and it all went horribly wrong. Now, he is suing his doctor and the cosmetic surgeon that performed his surgery, claiming they made him feel ashamed of his body.

The surgery took place in November of 2020 and ended up causing Vince a great deal of distress and embarrassment. He went from being an athletic, fit person, to someone who felt ugly and disgusting.

A few months later, he developed severe depression and was unable to even go out on a date with a girl he liked because of how badly he felt about his body. He also developed a lot of blood clots and had to have several surgical procedures to remove them.

Transformation: Before and After

Before and After weight loss

Throughout his successful weight loss journey, Vince Herbert has transformed his body in such a very nice way. If we have a look at his before and after image, then we can clearly notice that he has removed a good amount of extra fat from his body.

He has shedded around 100 pounds from his body weight of around 300 pounds. In some interviews, Herbert has revealed that he loves his new body physique but sometimes also misses his old fatty body.

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