How Melissa McCarthy Lost Weight 2

[Updated] Melissa McCarthy Weight Loss: Diet, Pills, Before & After [2021]

Born on August 26th, 1970 Melissa McCarthy is an American actress, comedian, writer, producer, and fashion designer. McCarthy started appearing on television and film in the late 1990s and came into the spotlight for her role of Sookie St. James on the television series Gilmore Girls (2000–2007).

Her acting skills have been honored with numerous awards such as; two times Primetime Emmy Awards, two times Golden Globe Awards, and a nomination for two Academy Awards.

Melissa McCarthy has been featured many times on a list of the highest-paid actresses in the world.

She is one of the funniest actresses in Hollywood to date. Besides her glorious work in the acting industry, 49 years old McCarthy is also in the conversation for her weight loss.

Melissa McCarthy’s Weight Loss Journey

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In a conversation with US Weekly, McCarthy said that “I have been every size in the world,” from a six to a 22. She has revealed many things regarding her weight loss journey over the years. Continue reading to find out more.

She has stated in interviews that she has “fought with her weight throughout high school”. Moving to Los Angeles posed even more challenges. After the move, she stopped walking and started eating lots of junk food. As a result, she rapidly gained 25 pounds.

After getting her first big break in Gilmore Girls, she attempted an all-liquid diet, supervised by doctors. Utilizing this diet Melissa was able to lose 70 pounds in four short months, however, she experienced emotional struggles due to the restrictive diet.

“I felt starved and crazy half of the time”, she exclaimed in an interview with People.

How Melissa McCarthy Lost So Much Weight

How Melissa McCarthy Lost Weight 2

According to sources, Melissa McCarthy’s weight has dropped around 75 pounds. After losing such a noticeable amount of weight, McCarthy received a flood of comments and questions regarding her weight loss and what methods she used to shed the pounds.

In a conversation with Extra in 2016, she asserted that “There is nothing like any trick or secret to tell you about”. Simply making healthier changes in her lifestyle and diet is the only “secret” she has.

McCarthy has followed the crazy all-liquid diet for four months and lost around 70 pounds. She also opted for a low-carb diet that has been very effective for her. Let’s have a look at the diet that helped with her weight loss.

Diet Plan

Melissa McCarthy sticks to a low-carb diet and consumes 5 meals a day including 2 snacks. Her diet is a Ketogenic Diet that focuses on high-protein foods and low-carbs. Here is an example of a typical meal plan for Melissa McCarthy:

  • Breakfast – A omelet accounts for 1-ounce high-quality lean protein, 1 green smoothie made of kale, spinach, parsley, almond milk, and chia seeds.
  • Snack – Half a cup of baby carrots and hummus.
  • Lunch – One cup of green tea, three ounces of chicken or turkey breast, a side of vegetables, and quinoa salad.
  • Snack – Fresh pressed juice.
  • Dinner – ⅔ cup of steamed veggies, 3 ounces of chicken or turkey breast, and half an avocado.

In following her diet, Melissa McCarthy makes sure to consume healthy fats which help reduce inflammation and inflammation-induced weight gain.

Almond milk, chia seeds, and avocado are some of the best sources of healthy fats.

She includes a good amount of protein in her diet. The protein helps to increase satiety, build lean body mass, and boost her metabolism. Egg, hummus, chicken, and turkey breast are some great sources of protein.

McCarthy does incorporate some good carbs into her diet to aid digestion and promote a healthy gastrointestinal system.


Many people support Bariatric Weight Loss Surgery for losing weight effectively and easily. There were some rumors circulating about Melissa having undergone gastric bypass for her weight loss, but she has since denied any such claims.

The only other weight loss strategy that Melissa McCarthy has admitted to using is weight loss pills and supplements.

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Pills and Supplements

Melissa McCarthy Weight Loss Pills and Supplements

In an interview with TMZ, actress Melissa McCarthy frankly admitted that she was having a magical pill along with her diet and light exercise.

This pill is a natural weight loss supplement called AtraFen Weight Loss Aid. “These pills are totally safe”, said Melissa.

According to the brand, AtraFen is an effective, smooth, and perfect solution for quick and sustainable results. It is a kind of “Fat Burner” that burns your fat by boosting your metabolism, energy level, and mental focus.

The weight loss pill AtraFen is crafted with a pure and balanced formula that does not cause hormonal imbalance in the body.

Slow metabolism, low energy level, and excess eating are some of the leading causes for weight gain and this supplement targets them all. TMZ, a tabloid news website, put this supplement on a test for 4 weeks and documented the following result:

  • Week 1: In the first week of having this supplement they noticed a sudden increase in energy and metabolism levels.
  • Week 2 & 3: They lost 16 pounds in the 2nd and 3rd week of having this supplement. AtraFen kept the hunger level low and energy level high in this time period.
  • Week 4: In the final week of this test they noticed 42 pounds weight loss.

NOTEBefore you start having this supplement, make sure to consult with your doctors.

Melissa McCarthy: Before and After Pictures

Before and After of Melissa Weight Loss

Actress Melissa McCarthy stunned the world with her dramatic weight loss. A combination of her diet, pills and supplements enabled McCarthy to lose around 70 pounds.

The Gilmore Girls star has started looking happier than ever after getting in shape. Her weight loss has inspired many but unfortunately, due to the changes in her body, it has also resulted in the cancelation of her show Mike and Molly.

The sudden loss in McCarthy’s weight made the creators realize that now she is no longer suitable to play the character, Molly.

Pictures of Melissa McCarthy After Her Weight Loss

Actress McCarthy has transformed her body in such a very elegant way. Have a look at some pictures of her after her weight loss:

Melissa McCarthy Weight loss Picture 3
Melissa McCarthy Weight loss Picture 2
Melissa McCarthy Weight loss Picture 1


Q. How tall is Melissa McCarthy?
A. She is 5’2″.

Q. Did Melissa McCarthy have weight loss surgery?
A. No! McCarthy has denied weight loss surgery as the reason behind her dramatic weight loss.

Q. What is the current weight of Melissa McCarthy?
A. Her current weight is 196 pounds.

Q. What did Melissa McCarthy use to lose weight?
A. She used weight loss pills called AtraFen, along with a good diet and light exercise to lose weight.

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