Jorge Garcia before and after of weight loss

[Hurley] Jorge Garcia Weight Loss: Diet, Surgery, Before & After [2021]

Born on 28th April 1973, Jorge Garcia is an American comedian and actor. He is best known for portraying the role of Hugo “Hurley” Reyes in the television series Lost from 2004 to 2010. Jorge started gaining the attention of the public with his performance on the television show Becker as Hector Lopez.

He also performs as a stand-up comedian and had starred in the Fox television series Alcatraz with a minor character on ABC’s Once Upon a Time. Jorge has played the wonderful role of Jerry Ortega on Hawaii Five-0.

Most of the stars are often seen working hard to get fit in order to look more perfect. But there are also few stars like Jorge Garcia who love the way they are and the physique they have.

Jorge Garcia is not only known for his acting skills! His amazing weight loss journey also remains in the headlines and conversations.

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The journey of Weight Loss

Jorge Garcia weight loss journey

Everyone admires Jorge’s role in Lost as Hugo “Hurley” Reyes. But do you know, Jorge was asked to lose some pounds for his role in Lost (Tv Series).

47 Years old Jorge had changed his lifestyle and eating habits in order to shed some pounds from his weight.

Due to a very poor eating habit, Jorge was always on the news discussion. His very poor and unhealthy eating habits had gained him such a drastic amount of weight and became a serious concern for his relatives and well-wishers.

His weight and body size were never a concern for his acting career, but he was asked to reduce his weight while filming for Lost.

It was a very difficult task for him. Just because of his food addiction, Jorge had gained around 400 pounds or 181 kg, according to a report published by Dailyhawker.

But everything was changed after a wake-up call from the Lost Production. After that, Jorge started making changes in his Lifestyle and habits with the help of the Nutrition Expert team and Workout Coaches. They helped Jorge to replace his unhealthy eating habits with healthy intake.

According to Dailyhawker, Jorge has tried various things such as Nooch, also known as Nutritional Yeast, in order to lose his weight.

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How Jorge Garcia Lost His Weight?

jorge garcia weight loss

Jorge was already weighing 400 pounds and he was still on his very poor eating habits. With every single pound increase in his weight, Jorge was going closer to the risk of big-concern weight problems.

At that moment, he had a risk of having Type-2 diabetes, panic attack, strokes, and sudden heart attack. Jorge followed these four steps in order to lose his weight:

  • Jorge went on a 100% vegan diet and removed every single animal-based food item from his daily diet. He had removed even the dairy products from her daily diet too.
  • He restricted himself and controlled his hunger for junk foods and drinks. His efforts and body’s craving got the better of him and he started getting slim down.
  • A beginning stint of Lost production house for his weight loss and Nooch diet along with regular exercises also worked very well for him
  • Gastric Coronary Bypass surgery.

When 2017 rolled in, Jorge’s hard work paid off to him, and lost around one-fourth of his weight and reduced it to 300 pounds.

Surgery for Losing Weight

Going through weight loss surgery is considered by most people as the easiest and fastest method to lose weight. In an interview, one of Garcia’s closest friends claimed that Jorge Garcia has undergone gastric coronary bypass surgery in order to lose his weight.

However, Garcia himself never admitted if he had any weight loss surgery. Two years of dieting also make any weight loss surgery unnecessary.

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What was the Diet Plan?

Jorge Garcia Weight Loss Diet

With the help of his Nutrition Expert team, Jorge started eating low carb and high protein foods throughout his diet with the workout.

Dailyhawker had revealed that Jorge was having the Nooch aka Nutritional Yeast. It is always considered as one of the most efficient ways of weight loss as Nooch usages deactivated yeast to break down fat.

Along with Nooch, Jorge replaced his habit of eating fast foods with fruits and vegetables. He had also left the alcohol and had started working out on a regular basis. Jorge was following some of the simple and easy exercises in order to maintain his weight loss.

Jorge Garcia Recommended Exercises

Here are some of the recommended exercises that you should also apply in your daily routine:

  1. Arms circles
  2. Wrist rotations
  3. Shoulder rotations
  4. Neck rotations
  5. Running or Jogging
  6. Stair running
  7. Sit ups
  8. Air cycling
  9. Push ups
  10. Breathing exercises
  11. Face exercises

Weight Loss Tips from Jorge Garcia

Jorge Garcia Weight Loss Tips

An experienced guy can explain you far better than a professional! Jorge has gone through his own weight loss journey and he properly knows about what difficulties others are going to face. Here are some of his tips that can help you in your weight loss journey:)

Regular Exercises: Doing exercises on a regular basis is very important in order to reduce excess fat and weight. Jorge himself used to spend 2 to 3 hours daily on some simple and very effective exercises.

Ignore Fast Foods: Fast foods contain very little amount of nutrients that your body requires, but lots of calories from fat and sugar. Jorge himself admitted that Leaving fast foods played a great role in his weight loss journey.

Cycling: Try to make cycling every day your habit for a certain amount of time. Doing cycling burns a good amount of bad fats and calories from your body. Jorge himself used to do cycling for at least an hour.

Try Homemade Foods: After starting his weight loss journey, Jorge always tried to eat only homemade and less oily foods. You should also rely on homemade foods in order to consume less bad fats.

Before and After

Jorge Garcia before and after of weight loss

The weight loss journey of actor Jorge Garcia is inspiring for his fans and other men all over the world who are wondering about weight loss.

From being a chubby guy of 400 pounds to being way slimmer than ever, Jorge has transformed his body physique in such a very nice way.

Before losing 100 pounds from his weight, Jorge always had a fear of panic attacks, heart attacks, and being affected by Type-2 diabetes.

Now Jorge is living a healthy lifestyle with his wonderful wife Rebecca at home.

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