Sza After Her Weight Loss

SZA Weight Loss: Diet, Surgery, Before & After [2021]

Born on 8th November 1990, Solana Imani Rowe, Professionally known as SZA is an American Rapper, Singer, and Songwriter.

She started her career in 2011 when she got in touch with TDE (Top Dawg Entertainment).

Her early music was given to TDE’s president Mr. TORRENCE “PUNCH” HENDERSON. He was slightly surprised by the quality of the music he has received.

At that time period, She had released her two EPs and began gaining buzz from the public. And finally, TDE signed her as the label’s first female artist in 2013.

If we have a look at any of the recent photos of SZA then we will find her looking stunning but if when we go back in 2014, then you will clearly notice a severe difference in her facial features.

How she made this transformation possible? Did the musician SZA have appointed an expert team of makeup artists or she has performed plastic surgery?

Let’s find out:

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Weight Loss Journey

SZA Weight Loss

In an interview in 2017, Sza talked about her weight loss while defending Kendrick Lamar’s controversial lyrics about stretch marks.

She said that “If you want to support women, then you should support all shapes of women. I used to be 200 pounds and I have stretch marks all over my body. I found more comfort and soothing with Kendrick Lamar reinforcing that I’m beautiful“.

At this time period, She started taking care of and working on herself for weight loss.

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In one of her Instagram posts, She reveals secrets of her weight loss and mentioned three things:

  • Changes in Her Lifestyle
  • Portion Control
  • Discipline

Sza’s weight loss diet was a little bit mysterious. She was not on someone’s prescribed diet! She made her diet herself. Her weight loss diet was:

  • Removed red meat, mostly fish, from her healthy diet.
  • She was not taking any dairy products.
  • Wheat and sugar were also removed from her healthy diet.
  • She was taking high veggie and complex carbs only (mostly avocado, squash, and sweet potato).

She ended her post by calling out her ladies to not quit too easily and keep on at it.

How did Sza Lose Weight?

How did SZA Lose Weight

Sza speaks out about her weight loss and reveals her secret too. She suggested her followers to start loving and caring your own body and according to her, This is how she loses her weight:

  • Do not follow any Crazy diet.
  • Don’t waste your mood by drinking Ewww kind of Shakes.
  • No need to take Green Tea.
  • No Supplements.
  • She had not joined any Gym (Yet).
  • Just try to be more active.
  • Consume water as much you can.
  • Do what feels right to your body.
  • Eat what feels perfect to your body.

SZA Journey

Sza Weight Loss Journey

When Sza started her career (in 2011), she was 200 lbs weight. On 31st January 2015. She posted about her weight loss and health issues on her Instagram.

By the time of this post, Sza was 158 lbs (loss of 42lbs). She went through a massive weight loss journey and lost over 50 lbs in a matter of months.

Her weight loss journey was very difficult because of her digestive issues. Here’s the list of food items, that made Sza fall ill:

Allergens Food list

Before and After

Sza Weight Loss Before and After

No doubt Sza’s weight loss process was such a very good transformation. The way she transformed her body and face is completely surprising for her fans. Let’s find out why Sza’s weight loss Before and After is surprising.

When she was bigger

If we talk about Sza when she was bigger then, Sza was 200 lbs or around 91kg weight when she started out her career. She used to wear only Baggy clothes just because of her very big and heavy body.

In a launch event, Sza revealed that She only wore her dad’s big t-shirts and socks on stage, no shoes, and didn’t even notice, complain or trip about her makeup look.

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After Her Weight Loss

Sza After Her Weight Loss

In 2017, Sza came out with her debut album “Ctrl” which debuted at number 3 on the US Billboard200. At this time, Sza had lost a good amount of weight and started looking completely different.

If we compare her photos of 2014 and after 2015, then we can clearly notice a severe difference in her figure and facials.

In 2017, Sza made a gorgeous appearance in BET AWARDS- 2017.

Sza Posting on Social Media

Sza didn’t keep anything secret related to her weight loss. She shares every single piece of information, detail, and tip with her followers. Let’s have a look at her Posts:

31st January 2015, Sza wrote about her health issues and weight loss. She wrote: I have struggled with my size since I was 19 until I realized that I’m just naturally built to be a bigger girl.

In her next post, she mentioned her sustainable progress and said that “I’m finally 11 lbs down! From 169 lbs to 158 lbs.

Later on, her fans started asking about the name of the diet she was following. Sza answered: I really don’t know a name for it, Lmao. But her diet so related to Pesca Vegan Diet.

In another post, She revealed the secret of her weight loss and suggested her fans to Drink Lots Of Water, Do and Eat what feels right to your body.

Weight Loss Tips

If Sza’s diet and her weight loss plan are not enough for you then must keep her tips in your mind before you start working to losing your weight.

  1. Don’t quit too easily! Losing your weight is not a work of one or two days. It takes time and effort but definitely gives out a very good Result.
  2. Do whatever your body feels good and Eat whatever makes you feel good.
  3. Discipline with Consistency is the key to success. If you want to see better results then you have to be Consistent and Disciplined for your diet.

Sza On Her Weight Loss

Sza On Her Weight Loss

After her weight loss, Sza comes and speaks out that It Was not possible until she was pressured by the critics in the entertainment industry that made her realize that she did not fit the beauty criteria that were expected of a world-famous artist.

She also said that there was not any external pressure that changed her mindset but it was her personal decision to start living a healthier lifestyle and define her beauty.

At the end of this copy, we would like to say to you that Self-love is a very important part of our life at every stage, Sza’s Journey of weight loss is the biggest proof of it.

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