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[Salvage Hunters] John Tee Weight Loss: Diet, Before & After [2021]

Born in June 1970, Salvage Hunters Tee is an architectural antique dealer and the star of Salvage Hunters, an antique show of Quest TV.

He is an antiques expert and has an outstanding vision for spotting a diamond amongst the rough. 

As an actor, he is best known for Salvage Hunters(2011) and Salvage Hunters: Classic Cars, which ran in 2018. 

Along with being an Antique expert and an actor, His weight loss journey is also very popular among his fans and followers. Let’s have a deep dive into his weight loss journey. 

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Weight Loss Story

John Tee Weight Loss Journey

His show, Salvage Hunters, is written and directed in such a way that it relates to what John Tee is in real life. He has a vast knowledge in his work and this is why he is such a successful businessman. 

He was doing very well in his business and suddenly he associated himself with acting . At the same time, he was acting, doing his business and other stuff too.

He was generating a good amount of revenue with all the stuff he was doing but the work pressure was also at peak. Travelling, Shooting and Working back to back led him to start living a very unhealthy lifestyle.

He does not have any proper daily routine as he has to daily shift his time table to manage all the things.

Due to all of these obstacles that led him to an unhealthy lifestyle, he got an issue of the thyroid a couple of years ago.

This incident unbalanced his whole body system and as a result, his immune system was completely disturbed. 

His doctors confirmed that Tee had numerous deficiencies due to his improper diet, unhealthy eating habits, and of course, an unhealthy lifestyle.

His thyroid problem led him to become a fat guy with lots of boundaries. His career was at risk as he was following lots of problems just because of his overweight body.

He finally realized that weight loss was essential for his career and health. He started working on his health and with hard work and determination, he overcame his thyroid, which was very necessary at that time period for his weight loss.

How Did Salvage Hunters John Tee Lose His Weight

John Tee Salvage Hunters

After realising that losing weight is very important for his health and career, he started working very hard.

He started with a strict and healthy diet plan, which helped him to lose weight and be healthy. John Tee also stopped the consumption of alcohol to control the calorie intake. 

He pushed himself for workout and physical activities to bring himself out from the unhealthy lifestyle.  

He started doing Walking, Jogging and Swimming from the advice of doctors to get rid of excess weight. His efforts and dedication worked out and gradually he started seeing some positive changes in his body.

These positive changes led him to win his fight with overweight and a very critical problem thyroid. 

The two main reasons of ‘Salvage Hunters’ Tee Weight Loss is- a strict & healthy diet plan with workout. He lost a significant amount of excess fat from his body that was creating problems for his health and career. 

‘Salvage Hunters’ Tee Weight Loss Journey brings us an excellent example of a healthy diet and lifestyle changes required to maintain a fit and healthy body. His journey teaches us that, Shedding out unhealthy living patterns is more important than frequent physical activity.

Breakfast Diet

John Tee Breakfast Diet

Having a lightweight and healthy breakfast is the first approach to start living a healthy lifestyle. A Healthy Breakfast does not only help you in weight loss but also keeps you energetic the whole day. Here are the top 5 diets that Tee John recommends and applies in his daily life.

  1. Black Beans – Black beans are a very powerful belly fat fighter with its soluble fibre. Every 10 grams increase in soluble fibre you consumes daily, helps you in faster weight loss
  2. Eggs – Eggs are rich in high-quality protein, healthy fats and many other essential vitamins and minerals! and this is why it is among the healthiest weight loss foods that you could ever eat.
  3. Salmon – Protein and Omega-3 fatty acid keeps you energized for a long while and having Salmon every morning in your diet is the best resource for it.
  4. Almond Butter – Nuts are highly fulfilled with the goodness of fiber that keeps your stomach full for a long period. Almond butter is rich in protein, fibre, antioxidants and monounsaturated fats. 
  5. Oatmeal – Oatmeal is packed with high fibres which keeps you feeling fuller for a longer period of time. And eating breakfast that includes oatmeal helps you in burning extra fat.

Transformation: Before and After

If you are among the followers of John Tee and his show Salvage Hunters, then you can easily notice how nicely he has transformed himself. John Tee was suffering from Thyroid problems and was living under heavy work pressure before his weight loss.

After losing a significant amount of weight, we won his fight with thyroid problems, and also he started feeling free of any work pressure.

Now he is living a very healthy lifestyle that looks way fresh, healthier, and attractive than ever.

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