Tanisha Thomas Weight Loss Before and After

Tanisha Thomas Weight Loss: Before & After, Surgery, Diet [2021]

Born on 28th August 1985, Tanisha Thomas is an American Reality Television Personality.

Tanisha is best known for making her appearance in the second season of Bad Girls Club, The reality television series.

Career and Life

Tanisha Thomas started out her career with Bad Girls Club, an American Reality Television Show, in 2007. She sent in a casting tape to the casting directors and was chosen to be one of the Seven Bad Girls of the show.

Tanisha won the hearts of millions of viewers very quickly and earned such a very good amount of fan base.

BAD GIRLS CLUB – Created by Jonathan Murray for the Oxygen network in the United States, Bad Girls Club Reality TV Show was focused on the war of words and physical confrontations between seven aggressive, quarrelsome, and unruly girls or Simply Seven Bad Girls.

After winning the hearts of millions of her fans through the Reality TV Show Bad Girls Club, Tanisha Thomas is nowadays in the conversation for her weight loss too.

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Tanisha Lost: 12 Pounds in Just a week

Weight Loss 12 Pounds in Just a week

People were shocked when they learned that Bad Girls Club reality tv star Tanisha Thomas has lost 12 pounds in just a week.

Her weight loss is so inspiring in the sense that How she managed to lose this much weight in such a very short time period.

Her fans are surprised by her transformation. Tanisha revealed that it was not that much hard for her as she was fully focused on achieving the goal with discipline.

Actress Tanisha is fully determined to continue her weight loss plan and has gradually changed her lifestyle. She has now become more conscious of what she is going to eat.

From her weight loss, Tanisha has proven to the world that from being a noisy fat woman, she can transform into a much slimmer version of herself.

This was not only proving herself to the world, but her approach has inspired millions of others who are overweight or want to lose weight.

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How Did Tanisha Thomas Lose So Much Weight?

Tanisha Thomas Loss Her Weight

According to her, it takes only three things to conquer her weight loss mission. Have a look at what three things helped Tanisha with her weight loss:

  1. Discipline: You have to be fully disciplined on whatever you are wondering to achieve in real life.
  2. Motivation: Keeping yourself motivated is really very important when it comes to journeys like weight loss or anything else.
  3. Consistency: No strategy is going to work if you are not consistent with whatever you are doing. Keep yourself on track with consistency if you really want to achieve your goal.

Tanisha Diet Plan for Losing Weight

Tanisha Thomas Weight Loss Diet

When you are on TV or an Actor/Actress like Tanisha, you live a stressful life because of your appearance and weight. A good and healthy diet plan is very important for losing weight.

Tanisha believes that when you have the perfect weight loss plan with a purpose, you should no longer think about your food cravings! All you need to do is focus on what you need to eat next.

Diet Plan

Tanisha was on a high protein liquid diet for three months as her doctors decided. After the first week of a high liquid diet, Actress Tanisha Thomas lost 12 pounds.

Losing 12 pounds, in a time period of only seven days, motivated her enough to keep herself on track.

Just like any high protein liquid diet, her diet consisted of having six “Tiny” meals a day, where food had to be liquefied.

In this diet, your meals have to take 30 to 60 minutes to be finished, and supposed to sip your drink slowly. You can drink sugar-free, non-carbonated, and caffeine-free drinks in between.

Alcohol is not allowed in this diet but Tanisha was doing a little bit of cheating, LOL, and was consuming alcohol occasionally.

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Does She Lose Weight From Surgery?

There are lots of rumors about Tanisha’s weight loss that She went through weight loss surgery to lose her weight.

But this rumor is completely fake! Actress Tanisha Thomas has never undergone any weight loss surgery. She lost her weight through all the natural processes.

Tanisha never opted for weight loss pills or supplements. And she proves that If you have determination for your goals then you can achieve them without taking any shortcuts and unnatural ways. All thanks to her Weight loss diet and recipe.

Her Recipes for Weight Losing

When you are following a high-protein liquid diet like Actress Tanisha Thomas then you need to be handy for your recipes. Have a look at the liquid recipes she was allowed to consume for three months:

Yogurt shake Recipe: ½ a cup of light yogurt with two ounces of low-fat soy milk or yogurt, one scoop of protein powder, and one big spoon of sugar-free jelly.

Crystal Light Shake Recipe: one packet of crystal light, with come ice cubes, two ounces of water, and one and a half scoops of protein powder.

Strawberry Protein Shake Recipe: One cup of soy milk or low-fat yogurt, with one scoop of protein powder, a little bit of vanilla extract, and some ice.

Hazelnut cinnamon smoothie Recipe: One scoop of protein powder with one big spoon of hazelnut coffee creamer (has to be sugar-free). Then, add one small spoon of ground cinnamon, half a cup of low-fat milk with 1/4th a cup of Greek yogurt, and some ice.

Chocolate Mocha shake Recipe: Low-fat milk or soy milk with some protein powder, artificial sweeteners, a cocoa powder that is unsweetened, and instant decaf coffee.

Before and After

Tanisha Thomas Weight Loss Before and After

If you have a look at the before and after the image of Tanisha Thomas, then you will clearly notice that She has transformed her body in such a very nice way. In a conversation with Bossip, Tanisha revealed that She Lost 70 Pounds from the diet she follows.

From being a noisy fat woman to losing 70 pounds, Tanisha has now started looking more attractive than ever. Her slimmer body than ever is glittering her personality.

Throughout her weight loss journey, She set a very good example of “If You Have Determination and Dedication for Your Goals, then You are Definitely going to achieve them all.”

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