Gabourey Sidibe Weight Loss Before and After

Gabourey Sidibe – Precious: Weight Loss Before & After, Surgery [2021]

Born on 6th May 1983, Gabourey Sidibe is an American Actress. She was awarded the Independent Spirit Award for Best Female Lead in her debut film Precious in 2009.

Sidibe’s acting career is full of glare. She was also nominated for the Golden Globe and Academy Award for Best Actress.

Very popular Actress, Gabourey Sidibe is nowadays rocking all over the internet and making headlines for her incredible weight loss.

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Weight Loss Journey

Gabourey Sidibe Weight Loss

Gabourey posted a photo on Instagram to flaunt her new gorgeous body on 25th January, and produced pleasant shockwaves across her fans and followers.

The star actress of multiple awards-winning movies Gabourey reportedly weighed 300 pounds. And has allegedly lost around 150 pounds after undergoing surgery.

Sidibe’s weight loss surgery is truly inspiring and full of struggle. Her weight loss is not just limited to giving her a Gorgeous body! Her weight loss helped her to fight Type 2 Diabetes, Depression, Anxiety, and Bulimia.

Why Did Gabourey Sidibe Decide To Lose Weight?

When a woman is not of a typical shape and size, especially when she belongs to the Entertainment Industry, suffers from criticism and body shaming. Things are changing now but at a snail’s pace.

Gabourey Sidibe was also discriminated against and outcast at various levels. Once, she was told by a very popular actor that “She should quit the industry as of her figure”.

Actresses always kept themselves beside this kind of criticism. But what really got her attention was to take her health seriously, when she learned that she had Type 2 Diabetes.

How Did She Lose Her Weight?

How Did Gabourey Sidibe Lost Her Weight

“Precious” actress Gabourey Sidibe’s weight loss is quite Surprising for everyone, as she has lost around 150 pounds very quickly. Her weight loss surgery and a healthy diet are the two main reasons for her weight loss.

Diet Secret

Actress Sidibe follows a very strict and healthy diet for maintaining her weight loss. She has shared these Diet Secrets/Tips with her fans and followers:

  1. Avoid Junk Food: Gabourey’s childhood was full of Junk food. She decided to avoid junk food from her diet. Because, eliminating junk foods like Pizza, Burger, Fries and other processed foods helped her to lower the salt and trans fats intake.
  2. Say No To Soda: While growing up, actress Sidibe was addicted to soda. She used to drink soda frequently with burgers and fries, which was such a very poor eating habit. She decided to eliminate Soda from her diet completely after deciding to lose her weight. Instead of Soda, now she has started drinking ice-cold water with a few lemon slices.
  3. Eat At Right Time: Your healthy diet is never going to work out if you are not consuming your food at the right time. Gabourey started consuming 6 to 7 meals per day including a heavy breakfast, a mid-sized lunch, and a light dinner. She used to drink water 20 minutes before every meal to prevent herself from overheating and dehydration.

Weight Loss Surgery

Surgery played a major role in Gabourey Sidibe’s weight loss. After learning that She had been suffering from Type 2 Diabetes, She consulted a bariatric surgeon, Dr. Bradley Schwack, and decided to undergo weight loss surgery.

The surgery was to remove 80% of actress Sidibe’s stomach to reduce its capacity. As a result of this surgery, She is now not able to eat too much at a time and starts feeling full very soon.

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Gabourey Sidibe’s Workout Plan

vaGabourey Sidibes Exercise Plan image

Eating healthy and undergoing weight loss surgery is never going to be enough for you. After starting to have a balanced diet, Sidibe started feeling more energetic.

But she knows that “If she wants to speed up the weight loss process then she has to opt to work out”. Doing exercise on a regular basis helps to improve your body shape and keeps away unwanted fats.

Here is her Exercise plan:

Sidibe started with low impact exercises like- slowly walking on the treadmill, stair stepper, and Versaclimber, so she can put minimal pressure on her joints. These exercises helped her to burn a good amount of calories.

Later on, she moved on to other exercises like leg press, lunges, squats, lat pull down, and barbell curl, for 30 minutes, three days per week.

Before and After

Gabourey Sidibe Weight Loss Before and After

According to the reports and after removing 80% of her stomach, Actress Gabourey has lost around 150 pounds from her total weight of 300 pounds.

She confessed that she was used to being bullied and it made her feel ugly before the weight loss.

Her weight loss journey was not that easy for her. In a conversation with People Magazine, Actress Gabourey Sidibe disclosed that:

After losing the 60 pounds and gaining it all back before, the final straw in her weight loss journey was her older brother Ahmed’s Type 2 diabetes diagnosis.

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Did Gabourey Sidibe Have Weight Loss Surgery?

Yes! 33 Years Old Gabourey Sidibe had weight loss surgery in May 2016.

How Much Weight Has Gabourey Sidibe Lost?

While filming for Precious in 2009, She weighed 300 pounds and lost around 150 pounds till 2018.

Photos of Her Journey

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Gabourey Sidibe Weight Loss Photos 1
Gabourey Sidibe Weight Loss Photos
Gabourey Sidibe Weight Loss Photos 3

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