Celine Dion Weight Loss Before and After

[Updated] Celine Dion Weight Loss: Health, Eating, Before & After [2021]

Born on 30th March 1968, Celine Dion is a Canadian singer, best known for her powerful vocals. Born in Charlemagne, Quebec, She is one of the best-selling artists of all time with record sales of 200 million copies worldwide.

She gave her a melodious voice to “My Heart Will Go On,” the OST of Titanic, and became very popular overnight. But nowadays she is in discussion for her drastic weight loss.

Weight Loss Journey

Celine Dion Weight Loss

51 years old, a very talented Canadian musician, Celine Dion’s weight loss is making headlines from the last couple of years.

If you are a die-hard fan of Hitmaker Celine Dion then you can clearly notice her body getting slimmer after the death of her husband René Angélil in 2016.

She has lost a drastic amount of her weight in the last few years. However, the exact amount of her weight loss is not confirmed yet.

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Reason for Losing Weight

In a conversation with The Sun, about her way for fashion and health after the death of her husband, Celine Dion explained that “I am doing this thing for me because I want to feel strong, beautiful, feminine and sexy.”

She received lots of criticism for her very slimmer body figure. For the criticism she is getting, she said “If I like it then I don’t want to talk about it. Don’t bother. Don’t take pictures. If you like it, I will be there, if you don’t then leave me alone.”

Health After Weight Loss

Celine Dion Weight Loss Health

She has lost a lot of pounds from her weight and has started looking too much skinner nowadays. Her fans are worried about her sudden drastic loss of weight. Is Celine Dion weight loss due to health issues? Let’s find out:

In an interview with ABC NEWS, She said that “Yes, it is true that I have started looking too skinner these days. Everything is fine, nothing to be worried about”.

It is a very big relief for her fans that She is okay.

How Celine Dion Lost Weight

How Celine Dion Lost Weight

In a conversation with People Magazine, She revealed her secret of weight loss and said “She took up Ballet Classes”.

Additionally, she said that “It is true that she is a lot thinner but I am working hard. I like to move and lose weight”.

She used to go four times a week for ballet classes and of course, this burns a lot of calories.

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Celine Dion Explains Weight Loss

After making her appearance in several fashion events this January, Celine Dion was in rumors that She is suffering from Eating Disorder.

She started receiving comments like- she’s gotten too “skinny” and “weak”, on her social media handles. She got criticized too much also.

And finally, Celine Dion broke her silence and said “If you like it, I’ll be there. If you don’t, leave me alone”, during an interview for The Dan Wootton Interview. She denied the rumor of her suffering from an Eating Disorder in an interview with “Good Morning America”.

Celine Dion explains that She has always been lean and thin, she is working out harder now and this is the reason for her thinner body appearance.

We need to understand that People come in all body shapes and sizes. Celine happens to fall in lean body shape and this body shape is also an ectomorphic body type. People with this body type tend to lose their weight instead of gaining it.


Cancer is one of the most possible reasons for Celine Weight Loss. She herself never suffered through cancer but she has lost her two very close ones because of cancer.

Losing her Husband to Cancer

Losing her Husband to Cancer

Celine Dion married her manager Rene Angelil on 17th December 1994. Born on 16th January 1942, late Rene Angelil was a Canadian Musical producer and Manager to Celine Dion.

Rene Angelil suffered a heart attack at the age of 49, in 1991. Just nine years later of a heart attack, he was diagnosed with throat cancer. Rene Angelil fought bravely but lost his battle with cancer at the age of 73 and passed away.

Losing Her Brother To Cancer

Just after two days of losing her Husband Rene Angelil, She lost her brother Daniel Dion. Her brother Daniel Dion was also suffering from cancer and lost his life on 16th January 2016.

Before and After

Celine Dion Weight Loss Before and After

First of all, have a look on Celine Dion’s some before and after photo of her weight loss

The singer Celine Dion doesn’t look like the Celine Dion she was before 2016. You can notice her weight loss after her Husband’s death in 2016. After her first appearance of 2016, she was in rumors that Celine Dion is anorexic, but she always denied being suffering from anorexia, an eating disorder.

She got criticized too much after losing her weight. Celine Dion said that “She has a very good diet and I am doing this for me”. She shared her diet too.

Her Diet Plan

Celine Dion shared her diet to deny being suffering from an eating disorder. Here is her daily diet:

  • BREAKFAST: Black coffee + croissant
  • LUNCH: Baguette + salad or cauliflower vichyssoise (soup) or quiche with salad + sweet Italian custard, Sabayon
  • DINNER: Sfihas (Mediterranean meat pie) + fried cauliflower or occasionally French fries.

She exercises regularly in addition to eating healthy and doing ballet.

Hitting Back at Body Shamers

Celine Dion hitting back at body shamers

After getting body shamed by tons of people, Celine Dion hits back at body shamers after weight loss. She has made many statements for shamers in lots of interviews. Here are some most powerful statements made by her for body shamers:

Dan Wootton’s podcast: “I want to wear whatever I want, I want to do whatever I want to do and I am doing this only for me”.

Conversation With Outlet: If you don’t want to be criticized, you are in the wrong place. I take what is good and leave behind what is not good for me.

FoxNews Conversation: I need to focus on what is right for me, how I feel, and, last but not least, you can not please everybody.

Celine Dion Photos

Celine Dion Weight Loss Photos
Celine Dion Weight Loss Photos 2
Celine Dion Weight Loss Photos 4


Is Celine Dion’s weight loss due to an illness?
No! Celine officially stated that she is totally fine, in a conversation with ABC NEWS.

How much did Celine Dion’s weight loss?
It is not officially confirmed yet but we can say she has lost pounds of her weight.

What is behind Celine Dion’s weight loss?
According to Celine Dion, dedication for dance, living a strong, beautiful, feminine, and sexy life is the main reason for her weight loss.

Why has Celine Dion lost so much weight?
Doing Ballet can be the most possible reason for losing so much weight as this activity burns lots of calories.

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