TJJ OTT before and after

TJ OTT Weight Loss: Diet, Workout, Before & After [2021]

TJ Ott’s full name is Timothy James Ott. TJ was born in Broad Channel Queens of New York, United States of America. TJ’s date of birth is December 3, 1979.

Timothy was an ordinary American fishing boat captain but it all changed in August 2014. When TJ was cast for “Wicked Tuna: Outer Banks”.

TJ is still a captain of a fishing boat but the word ordinary is not included. Timothy earned many fans and followers in National Geography’s reality show “Wicked Tuna”.

It was the basic intro of Timothy that a fan should know, now we turn to the main topic of the article “How TJ lost his weight in a very effective manner”.

If you are a fan of TJ or a fan of “Wicked Tuna” you must have knowledge about his previous and current weight so now we are going to touch on the journey of TJ in which he succeeded in his weight loss. 

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Weight Loss Journey Started

TJ OTT Weight Loss Journey

It cannot be said that when did TJ started his journey of weight loss but it is accurately correct that when Timothy first appeared on “Wicked Tuna” in 2014 he was massively overweight but he lost his weight slowly and fans got shocked with great changes in his weight.

So it can be said that he started this journey along with the show and made progress with passing time.

How Timothy (TJ) did lose His Weight?

Though it can be said without any doubt that he has not gone under any weight loss surgery. His slow journey of weight loss is witnessed that he lost his weight with diet plan and his workout which will be discussed later.

Diet Plan

It is a crucial part of any weight loss journey. TJ made tremendous changes in his diet plan. He restrained himself from eating heavily refined, excessive sugar added and high-calorie food products and if he did consume them, he used very little quantity.

Instead, he ate food such as organic vegetables and fruits with very low carbohydrates. His diet plan really helped him in losing weight and is ideal for anyone who is looking to start his journey of weight loss.

Workout Plan

Controlling your diet is not effective if you are not doing any workout. TJ knew this very well, he followed a very effective fitness routine.

Besides his fitness routine TJ’s daily work of fishing is a workout in itself. As mentioned above that his personal life is quite mysterious however it is certain that he joined a gym and attended it on daily basis.

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How Much Weight did Timothy Really lose?

Timothy has done a great job in losing and then controlling his weight. Before he started his journey of weight loss his weight was about 170 kg (374 lbs) which is really a big challenge.

But because of his effective workout and his diet plan and above all his commitment to loss his weight he did a great job and lost weight between 29 to 31 kg (61 to 68 lbs). Which is quite surprising.

Where Timothy is now?

After finishing the recent season of “Wicked Tuna” in June 2020. TJ is again in the sea, he is a commercial fisherman and spends his days fishing.

Before and After

TJJ OTT before and after

It can be seen from the photo that he has done a great job of his weight loss. Before weight loss, his weighed about 170 kg but after doing a lot of hard work his weight is now around 139 kg.

What has Timothy Said About his Weight loss?

In his recent interview, he mentioned that “It has been a big challenge for me to reach where I am and the weight loss journey was really hard but I commit myself to it and here I am”. Indeed, if one puts himself in discipline he can achieve whatever he wants.

Net Worth

The estimated net worth of TJ Ott is $800,000. As a commercial fisherman, he earns about $60,000 and $70,000 yearly profit.

However his salary in the show “Wicked Tuna” is not known but considering the fame of the reality show, it can be estimated that he earns $10,000 per episode.


As TJ was already a master in fishing, National Geography’s reality show didn’t prove to be a challenge for him.

He accepted every challenge that was thrown upon him in the show and proved who he is. TJ’s main source of earning is commercial fishing but TJ admitted that fishing is not merely a means of earning his livelihood but is his most favorite hobby, not only a hobby but an “addiction”. So little surprise that he played very well in “Wicked Tuna”.

As of 2021, TJ is 41 years old. While TJ Ott is a well-known personality but his social life is merely a secret.

Timothy does not share much of his personal life with his fans nor does any paparazzi get success in capturing his personal life.

What we know about TJ is dating life is only through his words. He once mentioned in an episode of “wicked Tuna” he introduced his dog while also mentioning that he adopted the dog with his girlfriend “Marissa McLaughlin”.

Except for her name, we know nothing of his girlfriend but we wish that both he and his girlfriend live happily.

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