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Peptides: For Weight Loss, Benefits, Side Effects [2021]

Do you want to look younger and feel better? And want to lose weight? Then there is the power of peptides which maybe you have been looking for. 

If you want to lose weight and would like to have greater energy and strength. And is your hair thinning and losing? Want to regrow without having to have a surgical intervention? If your answer is yes to any of these questions then let me introduce you to the power of peptides. 

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What is Peptide?

peptides amino acide

Peptides are simple amino acids linked together which are given to the patients. And it allows the body to produce its own natural healing substances. Some peptides signal the body to enhance the burning of fat. And it will also help to increase muscle strength in response to diet and exercise.

Other peptides help to enhance the elasticity of the skin and reduce and prevent wrinkling. While still, other peptides may rejuvenate failing hair follicles in your scalp allowing them to regrow a fuller healthier head of hair.

Which is the Best Peptide for You?

best peptide for you

The best peptide for you is that it causes the release of the substance that helps the condition that you suffer from.

For instance, if you are struggling with losing weight then some peptides help the burning of fat in response to diet and exercise. Or if you suffer from the pain of arthritis then the right peptides will help the pain and enhance the healing from that condition.

If you are suffering from an autoimmune condition, peptides may promote a healthier immune response. So that your body stops attacking itself.

Peptides come in many forms that can be taken in a capsule, used in a spray, applied as a cream, or might be given by injection. You should discuss your condition with a doctor to know which is best/relevant for you. 

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Peptides vs Steroids


The most common denominator is that they are classified as performance-enhancing drugs. There is more to it than this and we could go into a very detailed discussion and specific steroids, risk profiles, the spectrum of steroids, etc. 


So we will discuss a few things pretty commonly used with guys that are looking to kind of improve their gym performance. To take it to the next level.

These types of cycles are designed to be in short duration for a reason. Although you’re going to have quick results the stress you’re putting on your system is significant. Just touch on that if you’ve ever experimented with steroids.

Chances are you’ve had some sort of rebound effect or some sort of adverse reaction or side effect. 

People that come off these cycles often have a significant dip in libido. For the months after finishing the cycle or maybe you experienced a bicep injury, where it just snapped on you one day when you are at the gym.

It’s like you’re stressing and weakening those tendons with a lot of these steroid cycles. Or on the extreme side, your Arnold Schwarzenegger just waking up from open-heart surgery. Again this is kind of highlights the risk profile with steroids.


We utilize peptides that are considered or they’re generally recognized as safe and they are through an accredited and FDA vetted pharmacy.

What peptides specialists offer with these peptides protocols are safe and sustainable programs that offer near superhuman results and that’s incredible.

So if you’re looking for something for the long term or the long run?  Then peptides are where you want to be. You’re gonna maintain peak performance and you’re going to mitigate that risk profile. 

How Body Will React? – How does it Work?

The peptide is typically a protein or a peptide that the body already makes and takes pieces of it and introduces it back into the body. Proteins are what we call pleiotropic.

So think of it like this there’s a ring full of keys so let’s take the growth hormone protein as an example it’s got all these keys on it and every different cell type in the body where it’s a fat cell, muscle cell, bone cell, brain cell. 

They all have different kinds of locks and so we can take that protein now, They grow them in protein and start extracting the keys and then we can inject those keys to affect the one area without affecting the other areas. 

This is a highly specific intervention that is being achieved with peptides. And the body responds to peptides. So when a body’s familiar with it, It knows how to respond to it, rather than react to it.

Medications and Nutraceuticals even though all these supplements that we take it’s a body reacting to something and we have to deal with off-target effects.

So even though we have this positive effect, we have got to deal with these other side effects. 

It’s affecting these processes with responding. We can get very laser-focused on interventions.

We have got peptides that will repair the body in ways that are just exceptional. I mean cartilage regrowth, wound healing, gut healing, cognitive enhancement peptides.

We are getting some impressive results when we do functional cognitive testing when we use.

There are 60 FDA-approved peptides in the USA and there are seven thousand known peptides. We have got new treatments of cancer that are coming out in the peptide realm.

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