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John Goodman Weight Loss: Diet, Surgery, Before & After [2021]

Born on 20th June 1952, John Goodman is an American actor. He played the role of Dan Conner in Roseanne (1988–1997; 2018), an ABC TV series. For his glorious work in this series, Goodman won a Golden Globe Award for Best Actor in 1993.

Along with his acting career, John Goodman Weight Loss journey is also very popular among his fans and followers.

Let’s have a deep dive into his weight loss journey:)

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Weight Loss Journey

John Goodman Weight Loss Journey

There was a time in his career when Goodman was known for his large body size, at that time period he was weighing around 400 pounds or 180 kg.

In a conversation with AARP, Goodman said that “To be very honest, I was in such a very bad shape when I left Roseanne.

His character was very terrible at that time period, he was like “I don’t care about anything” and wanted more of anything. An emptiness inside of him was silently killing him.

Obviously, that was an entire era of struggle for him. He explained about his situation and said- “For me it was probably just a fear of not being good enough, not being worthy of what I was getting.”

All of these things going with his life led him to start living an unhealthy lifestyle and as a result, he started gaining weight. 

After 10 years, he managed to accept himself as sober, as he was before. John Goodman realized how lucky he had been and started looking back fondly.

And now this was the time to lose the excess weight that he had gained in the past 10 years. John Goodman revealed that he had lost over 100 pounds in his weight loss journey.

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How Did John Goodman Lose Weight?

How Did John Goodman Lose Weight

John Goodman’s personal trainer Mackie Shilstone revealed everything about John’s weight loss journey and how they managed to lose his weight.

Mackie had already worked with John and helped him to shed 85 pounds but unfortunately, he gained it all back. 

Mackie had realized that if he wanted to see a longer impact on his weight, then firstly he had to motivate Goodman in a different way to not just lose weight but also to keep it off.

Mackie emphasized to John how his decision for his health bore a sinister impact. He added, can you imagine what would be the future of your wife and daughter without you? Mackie also said to Goodman that your one foot is already into the grave. Mackie’s words hit John very deeply and from there a new phase of John’s life began.

Mackie asked John to stick with a very strict and healthy diet named the Mediterranean diet.

John was only allowed to eat plant-based food items like- fruits, vegetables, legumes, nuts, and limited how much red meat he can eat, a couple of steaks a month max. 

After a couple of years, a positive fluctuation occurred with his weight and achieved the weight mark of 300 pounds from being weighed 400 pounds.

John Goodman Mediterranean Diet for Losing Weight

John Goodman Weight Loss Mediterranean Diet

According to his personal trainer, he was following the Mediterranean Diet which is focused on eating plant-based food items and reducing the intake of red meat.

This diet plan is based on the traditional foods that people used to eat in Italy and Greece back in 1960.

Some research has found that the Mediterranean Diet can not only cause weight loss but can also reduce the risk of heart attacks, type 2 diabetes, and premature death. In this diet you can have these things:

  • Consumption of vegetables, fruits, whole grains and healthy fats on a daily basis.
  • Intake of beans, fish and eggs on a weekly basis.
  • Red meat in a very limited portion.

While following this healthy diet, John Goodman has completely eliminated Added sugar, Refined grains, Trans fats, Refined oils, Processed meat, and Highly processed foods.

Instead of starving himself and counting calories, he instead works out for the same amount of time he eats.

His fitness trainer, Mackie Shilstone, states that if you are going to lose weight on a diet plan that you need to eat your food and get enough protein to help your body burn fat. This is where the diet really starts.

Surgery to Lose Weight

John Goodman

Most people prefer gastric bypass surgery as the easiest and fastest method for weight loss. When John Goodman revealed that he had lost around 100 pounds then many people started rumoring if he had any weight loss surgery.

In 2014, John Goodman underwent weight-related surgery but it was not for his stomach, it was for his knees which were stressed after enduring years of Goodman’s unhealthy weight and lifestyle.

He has denied every rumor related to his weight loss surgery. John Goodman has followed only natural processes to lose weight.

Transformation: Before and After

Before and After

If you are among one of the oldest fans of John Goodman then you can clearly notice how nicely he has transformed his body physique.

After spending 10 years with a very poor eating habit and lifestyle, he was weighed all-time max of 400 pounds or 180 kg.

But with the dedication and motive of healthy weight loss, he managed to lose 100 pounds or 45kg by following a healthy diet. After losing this much excess weight, John Goodman now looks way better than ever.


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