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(26 Best) Weight Loss Quotes To Burn Calories Through Mind [2021]

If you are looking for weight loss motivation quotes? then you are at the write post. Now you will get full power motivation quotes.

Motivation is a very essential part of the weight loss journey, and if it falls in lack then the person becomes demotivated and stops trying to lose weight.

Now, these weight loss motivation quotes will help you to stay motivated all the time,
and consistently putty efforts in your weight loss transformation.

First of all, I want to share 1 tip with you that, don’t always rely on these quotes to be disciplined and work hard.

Motivation is a feeling like emotions of happiness, sadness, anger, etc. It will never stay long, be hard to achieve your dream body.

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Bullet Points About Weight Loss Motivation Quotes

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  • Reminding you that I can lose weight
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Quotes for Weight Loss
  • Print and paste on every wall of your rooms
  • Read 10 times in the morning
  • Read 10 times just falling in sleep
  • 10 times before workout
  • 10 times after a workout
  • If possible, then before eating every meal


1. Only I Can Change My Life, No One Can Do It For Me

Quotes for weight loss motivation

It is a sore truth that no one can help us to make our body fit.
We have to put effort lonely. It is the challenge, only challenging myself not any other.
Just work to change your body.

2. Never Give Up, Its Like a Compound Effect

Quotes for weight loss motivation never give up

Never give up is the common thing you hear from everyone but The Compound Effect seems new for most people.

Just always remember this thing in your mind that it is not the game of 1 day. Weight loss is the result of consistency, don’t look at results every day. Just do your best 1 day this will become the compound effect.

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3. I will work hard for my best version

fatloss motivation quotes

This shows that you have the versions of yourself, whether you are an obese person or have six-pack abs.

You have the next better version of yourself. This quote tells you that work hard for your best version which is always improvable and you always try to improve yourself.

4. Bounce Back the shit

Motivation quotes for weight loss

It means you have to backfire, you have to wake up from sleep. If the biggest problem comes into your goal route, just punch it in the face and bounce back every bad situation you face, and rise up.

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5. I’m not dieting, it’s my lifestyle

Motivation quotes for healthy diet

This quote shows that you carry the diet which you can follow for years or for a whole life.

Don’t be extra strict in your diet or cut off all calories. Just Put effort into the diet very slowly.
Small changes make big results and small changes are easy to follow than big strict changes, they will make you demotivated.

6.  Become tough to beat tough excuses

weight loss motivation quotes

This teaches us that you have to become tough and rough to face every type of situation.

The biggest enemy of success is excused which is produced by only you.

Quote said you have to become more powerful than you excuse to achieve success in your weight loss journey.

7.  Tired? Sweaty? Sored? Now you are on the right track.

Tired and sweaty showed the position of our body after a workout. We got tired and sweaty.
Your muscle starts soring. This called you are on the right track because it is all because of the workout which you actually have done. The workout is the biggest factor in fat loss.

8.  Slow And Steady Wins The Race

Fat Loss motivation quotes

Just start slow not too hard. Otherwise, you will become demotivated.

Small changes and choices make a big result in the weight loss journey. You need consistent actions to win the race of your weight loss. Be patience.

Even when someone asks me what is important in the weight loss journey?
My clear answer is PATIENCE.

9.  I Will Work Hard To Be Hard

This quote will encourage you to work hard to be hard for the tough situations in life.

Prepare before that time will come. Make your body hard to face hard things.

10.  Nobody ever got strong or got in shape by thinking about it

It shows that nobody got his dream without effort and hard work. You have to survive from pain to get muscles and achieve your goals. Stop only thinking about it just start!

11.  No pain, no Joy

weight loss motivation quotes

Pain is the best friend for you if you want to achieve something.

You have to face paint for your goal. Today’s pain will bring joy to your life. Joy needs Effort.

12.  Success comes after failure

This shows the reality. Success is never achieved by trying one, you have to take consistent action and face the failures to achieve success. There is no shortcut, you have to face failures.

13.  Make your will, the skill. Polished it

This quote encourages your will power. This quote said that polishes your will means to increase your will power which helps you in your success journey. 

Achieve Extraordinary will power for extraordinary results.

14.  My hard line is to be committed

Always be committed to your goal. Don’t make an excuse. learn from your failures and make a better decision.

If you never are commented with yu goal you cant achieve it. Set the goal in your subconscious mind.

15.  Eat to alive, not for taste

This is like a tip for weight loss, that never eats for taste only eat, how much you need.

Otherwise, Overeating will destroy your weight loss goal.

16.  I will do a workout until it becomes a desired habit

Make the workout your daily routine. Select a particular time for it.
Do exercise until it becomes your habit and you don’t have to think daily to start the workout.

Include it in your lifestyle.

17.  A goal without a deadline, Never want to achieve

Motivation quotes for workout

This tells about your goal setting. Make the deadline for your goal with proper strategy.

This will make you more disciplined and you will able to achieve your goal fast.

18.  Most people give up right before the big break comes

This quote gives a realistic view of a normal people mindset. If we didn’t see any results in some days we stop giving efforts.

But here is the secret you have to act consistently with the hope that maybe tomorrow will give better results.

19.  Make time for it. Just get it done

It teaches you about time management, you have to manage time for workout and other things which you need. Don’t overthink just make things happen. Don’t just only think, take some action.

20.  Looking good at the end of your work out…you didn’t work hard enough!

This quote tells that if you looking good means you didn’t do workout properly.
When you do the workout, put your all intensity in the workout.

Don’t waste time. If I cant identify that you are coming from the gym means something was wrong.

21.  If it doesn’t challenge you, it doesn’t change you

Challenges come into your life to change your life. It put you into a difficult situation to make you better.

The workout must be challenging for you if it becomes easy for you then its time to upgrade. Keep Workout Challenging.

22.  If you take care of your body it will take care of you

It is true, you have to take care of your body. When you are in a difficult situation and you need your body then your body will help you. But first of all, you have to take care of your body and make it stronger.

23.  You didn’t gain all your weight in one day; you won’t lose it in one day

When comes to weight loss people want to lose weight fast! The question is why?
Is this weight put up in one day on your body, No?

So, why you want to lose weight fast. It is a slow process. This quote will motivate you in this process.

24.  The Struggle Of Today Is Will Develop The Strength for Tomorrow

Just remember this thought in your mind always when you feel pain, that it is the temporary pain this will disappear after some time. But the strength it gives is permanent. Face it!

25.  When you feel like to give up, Remember why you wasted the energy Before

This quote will motivate you when you feel to quit.

This quote said that just keep in mind this thing when you want to quit, why you wasted time efforts and energy before. Why did you start?

26. Excuses don’t burn calories 

weight loss motivation quotes

This is my favorite quote. It teaches me that excuses are the biggest enemy of me.

We have to put all our efforts. Excuses won’t help you in losing weight because it doesn’t burn calories. Just say no, yo excuses.


I shared 26 motivational quotes with you which you can read in this article.
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Also, I told you how to use these quotes to get full motivation.
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