Vince Neil Before and After Weight Lose

Vince Neil Weight Loss: Workout, Diet Plan, Before & After [2021]

The lead vocalist of the American metal band “Motley Crue” was born on February 8, 1961. Vince Neil’s full name is Vincent Neil Wharton. Neil’s father, Clois Wharton, was a Native American and his mother, Shirley, had Mexican ancestry.

Neil was born in Hollywood, California. After his birth, his family moved from Hollywood to Glendora and finally settled there.

Neil was fond of music since his childhood not only music he was also baseball, basketball, football, and wrestling lower. However, it is apparent that music was his first priority.

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Weight Loss Journey Started

vince neil weight loss journey

 When Vince first appeared publicly in 1981, he was very handsome looking and his body and muscles were well developed however, with the passage of time he gained weight gradually, maybe it was work or some other troubles that did not let him maintain his body shape.

But since 2019 fans have noticed a slight change in his weight it seems that he has finally figured out his weight and has done great progress.

We will discuss further how did he control his weight, did he go under any surgery or it was a strict diet and workout that helped in overcoming his weight and getting his handsome shape back.

How did Neil Lose Weight?

Examining his gradual progress in his weight loss it would not be appropriate and correct that he had gone under any weight loss surgery. It is apparent that Neil has followed some strict diet and workout strategies. His diet plan and workout will be discussed in the further article.

Diet Plan

In an interview, Neil mentioned that he has restrained himself from fast food and has let himself only eat fresh vegetables and fruits.

He has made great progress indeed. In his recent interview Neil was asked about his weight loss journey, he answered, “My life was taking turns like zigzag, and I was busy in making it straight, so I really did not have time to think about my body appearance. But now I got to solve this problem” he ended on “I’ve been following a super strict diet plan which has really helped me in this journey”.

Workout Plan

Along his diet plan Neil has also focused on workout, because diet plan would be inefficient without a big deal of Workout. He go to gym on regular basis and has followed a disciplined time table, which has proved itself to be very helpful.

How Much Weight Lost?

 It cannot be said exactly how much weight has Neil lost since his diet and workout plan. However, it can be observed that he has made good progress, which is near 20 to 25 kgs.

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How Motley Crue found Neil

In 1981, Neil was performing with his former band “Rock Candy” when he was first discovered. The band “Motley Crue” was newly formed at that time and was searching a lead vocalist when they first met Vince Neil. The band got impressed with Neil’s performance on the suggestion of Neil’s high school friend Tommy Lee, who was also a drummer in “Motley Crue”.

With Motley Crue, the first album of Neil was “Too Fast for Love” which was released in 1981. His second album with the band in 1983 “Shout at the Devil”, brought real attention of world to him and made him famous.

His subsequent famous albums include “Theatre of Pain” and “Girls, Girls, Girls”. However, the real hit of the band was “Dr. Feelgood” which made Motley Crue one of the most famous bands in the World.

Neil was criticized many times by the main producer of Motley Crue who labeled Neil as the least artistic and least involved in the process. However, the final breakdown came after the year 1991, after his greatest release of “Decade of Decadence 8191”. It can be said that Neil was the fond of drinking because it was drinking that affected his performance.

Band’s stars Lee, Mars, and Sixx complained that his attitude is holding us back. However, the main cause of Neil’s being fired was not drinking it was his race car driving, the band fired with the statement of “Racecar driving is now the main priority of Neil’s life”. And the final day came on 10 Feb 1992, when Neil left Motley Crue. Fans were upset about this breakdown.

After Separation from Motley Crue

Neil started performing on his own. In 1993 he released his solo album called “Exposed”, the album received good acceptance from fans. Neil started working with Robbie Crane, Vik Foxx, and Dave Marshall and did several tours. In 1995, Neil released “Carved in Stone” which was produced by Dust Brothers.

After the recordings of album “Carved in Stone”, Neil got busy in helping his daughter, Skylar, in fighting with her illness. When Neil released the album, only 100,000 copies sold which affected his reputation very badly and finally became the reason for the cancelation of his contract with Warner Bros.

Reunion with Motley Crue

His life took a turn in 1997 when Neil was struggling in selling records and Motley Crue was finding the best vocalist. They finally did a collaboration in 1998. Neil reunited with Motley Crue and did an album called “Generation Swine”, which debuted at number 4 on Billboard charts.

Neil is performing with Motley Crue since 1998. However, the band has done some variations and changes in the members. Neil has been performing with the band as well as solely.

Neil as Entrepreneur

Neil is also been engaged in various business ventures, some succeeding some not, including bars and stores.

However, he opened a tattoo parlor in the name of “Vince Neil Ink” in 2006, which is still operating in the Las Vegas Strip. Neil has also been engaged in online business with his band.

Movies & TV shows

Neil has played some roles in movies including Police Academy 6: City Under Siege and The adventures of Ford Fairlane. Neil has also shown his talent for acting in TV shows. He worked in the first season of “The Surreal Life” which aired in 2002.

Neil played the role of a tattoo artist in Still Standing. In 2009, he worked in the A&E reality show. He has worked recently on various TV shows and he keeps showing on different sets.

Dating life

 Let’s talk a little bit about his dating life, Neil has been seen with many ladies during his lifetime, however, he married 4 times, and unfortunately, it did not work well all 4 times.

Neil has a son and 2 daughters (1 dead now). At the latest Neil has been dating Rain Hannah and she has also shared her photo with the vocalist, Neil.

Neil in Car Racing

Vince Neil is the player in many fields, along singing, being vocalist, acting he is also a lover of motorsport and has tried his luck several times in motorsport.

He took participation in the season of Indy Lights of 1992. Neil has also taken part in the celebrity race at the Gold Coast Indycar Event.

Charity work of Neil

After the death of his daughter Skylar Neil, who died of cancer in 1995 at the age of 4), Neil founded Skylar Neil Memorial Fund in her honor. Neil has raised many funds since to help the children in fighting different illnesses.  

This was a precise intro of Neil, I used the word “Precise” because there are many chapters in his life that I did not mention just because the article may become long enough and we got off the topic.

Where is He now?

Neil is busy in his regular life, he spends most of his time in Glendora, California. Probably in maintaining his Tattoo shop. Maybe he is busy doing another album, Who can say?

Before and After

Vince Neil Before and After Weight Lose

It can be said by seeing photos that how Neil has changed himself by his hard work. In this journey, Neil has lost approximately 25 kgs.

What has said about Weight?

Gaining weight is probably one of the easiest tasks of the world, however, losing weight is totally a different story and that can be understood by Neil’s thoughts on his journey of losing weight.

When asked by a reporter, Neil admitted that “it was the hardest job ever, more hard than doing some albums, but it was worth doing and it was necessary for my health”.

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