Debby Ryan before and after

Debby Ryan Weight Loss: Workout, Diet, Before & After [2021]

Debby Ryan is a multi-talented American celebrity. Ryan is an American singer and actress. Her birth name is Deborah Ann Ryan. Ryan was born on 13th May 1993.

Ryan has also worked with Netflix recently which grew her fan base. She played the leading role of Patty Bladell in Netflix Insatiable. 

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Weight Loss Journey

Debby Ryan Interview

In an interview, Ryan mentioned that eating disorder has been her main problem since her childhood. Ryan’s real opportunity for losing her extra weight came with the role of Patty in the Netflix series.

The character of Patty was also undergoing from the bully in her school for her overweight. So Ryan had two jobs to do, one acting and another losing weight. However, Ryan said that she was thinking about losing her unnecessary weight.

People including her some fans were criticizing her for her weight. Ryan started her journey in 2018 with the start of the show “Insatiable” and achieved her goal in 2019 with the end of the show.

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How did Ryan lose weight?

Well, it is apparent that Ryan did not go under any weight loss surgery. Because it can be seen on the show that she lost her weight gradually not immediately. Ryan followed a healthy diet and a strict and exhausting workout to achieve her goal.

As mentioned early Ryan found this Netflix series an opportunity to get rid of the problem she was facing since her childhood.

Ryan had struggled with body dysmorphia for more than half of her life. She was bullied several times in her school life. 

However, Ryan mentioned that she does not have any revenge to take. She said that “I don’t care what other people think of me, this whole weight loss thing was healthy for me so I did it”.

Diet Plan

Ryan had to control her sugar cravings and had to follow a green diet to lose weight. When she was asked by Vogue teenage magazine about her diet, Ryan mentioned that she had to leave carbs and shift herself on a plant and fruit-based diet.

She ate vegetables and fruits in her lunch which were rich in protein, fiber, calcium, iron, and vitamins.

Ryan also drinks water, again and again, her whole day which helps her in maintaining her body fit and hydrated.

Debby Ryan starts her day with sweet jogging and then she visits her gym. Ryan spends there about 2 to 3 hours. On returning back she takes green tea and a few almonds as snacks in her breakfast.

At lunch Ryan takes salad and sometimes she only eats fruits. For dinner, Ryan’s most frequent choice is a soup of healthy veggies.

Workout Plan

Debby Ryan Workout

As soon as Debby visits the gym in her daily routine she starts burning her calories and energy.

Her workout plan includes many exercises some of which are very hard to do. But she is committed to her workout plan.

Debby Ryan stretching

Ryan does cycling, push-ups, and pull-ups. In an interview, Ryan mentioned that her favorite workout is Boxing and Cardio.

When she was asked why is that so, Ryan answered that it is very exhausting and also causes so much sweating. She said that when you have done a lot of sweating it feels better afterward.

Ryan does her boxing exercise with her trainer in a ring where she practices attacking, defending, and short rounds of combos. This was all about Debby Ryan’s workout plan. Now she visits the gym 5 days a week.

How much weight did Debby Ryan lose?

Ryan lost a tremendous amount of weight because of her hard work. Ryan followed a strict diet and workout plan and she got fruitful results for it.

Before starting her weight loss journey, Ryan weighed about 58 KGs (128 pounds).

During her journey Ryan lost 6 KGs (12 pounds) and now weighs 52 KGs (116 pounds). Debby proved that you can achieve anything if you have committed yourself to it.

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Where is Ryan now in her weight loss Journey?

Debby Ryan still follows her diet and workout routine, though not in a way that she followed before.

She visits the gym 5 days a week, follows a plant-based diet, and avoids eating junk food. Ryan once mentioned that the character of Patty has changed her so much and has impacted her in a good way.

Before and After

Debby Ryan before and after

There is no doubt that Ryan has achieved what she was meant to. The progress of Ryan can be seen from the photo. Before she weighed 128 pounds but now her weight is 116 pounds.

Early Life

Ryan’s birthplace is Huntsville, Alabama. Her father was a civilian consultant to the U.S. military at the time of her birth. Which caused her to move to many places, especially in Europe.

She spent most of her childhood along with her family in Germany because of her father’s job. That is the reason she can speak both German and American languages.

In 2003, Ryan returned to the United States along with her father and spent the rest of her childhood in Texas until 2009.

Ryan since her childhood was fond of acting, she started performing at the age of 7 in an American base in Germany.

However, she was discovered later in a nationwide search of Discovery Channel for actors. In her early career, Ryan did work in many TV commercials.

Ryan got her first chance in 2007 and played her first film role, which was a guest character in “Barney Let’s go to the Firehouse”. Ryan has also worked for iDog and other board games in their commercials.

Debby Ryan did a lot of work in her early career but what really made her famous was her role of “Bailey Pickett” on Disney’s “The Suite Life of Zack & Cody”, which was 2009’s top-rated scripted series.


 Debby Ryan is really a humble and nice human. When she asked about her weight loss and the bullies she faced because of her weight, Ryan replied that “I do not care about a thing what other people say about me, I do see down on people who bullied me as my photos are on billboards. The character of Patty will always live inside me and I will always live inside the character of Patty. I am very happy with my progress”.

Ryan also thanked her boyfriend, Josh Dun, because of his support in her weight loss journey. She said that he was very loving, caring, and supportive in her struggle.

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