Simply Nailogical Christine Before and After

Simply Nailogical Weight Loss: Diet, Workout, Before & After [2021]

Born on 17 October 1988. Christine Raquel Rotenberg is a Canadian Youtube personality. She is also known as “Simply Nailogical”.

Cristine has found youtube channels, Simply nailogical, Simplypodlogical, “Simply Not Logical” and “SimplyPodLogical Highlights”.

She started her Simply Nailogical youtube channel in 2014, where she uploaded nail art tutorials. Christine also launched her nail polish brand called “Holo Taco”.

Cristine Raquel is also famous for her fitness habits. She started her journey of workout in 2017.

When she was overweight and feeling not strong enough, feeling laziness, weak and unhappy. According to Christine, she was not in an unhealthy range.

She was a little bit bigger and smaller. But she felt weak and had trouble walking upstairs. Her knees and lower back were hurting.

Cristine was doing a desk and that didn’t help her to make changes in her body to make her feel strong and happy. She wanted to make changes in her body. 

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How She Started?

Christine Weight Loss

Christine first started doing yoga by herself. She was watching some yoga programs and it was strength-based core yoga.

Different yoga poses like hold the plank, kick your knee up a million times, bodyweight squats. By doing yoga every day she started feeling comfortable and strong.

Christine didn’t go to the gym to work out; she was doing all that in her home in a room. And she is a little bit afraid of going to the gym because of her body shape.

She wasn’t confident at that time. But after doing yoga every day and slowly feeling a little bit confident.

She and Ben started looking for partner training sessions in the gym. To get an idea of what they are doing.

Ben and Christine started working out at the gym. Christine was a little bit nervous at that time, So Ben started helping her by going to the gym with her. 

She doesn’t have any idea how to do weight lifting at that time. According to Christine she never held a dumbbell in her life before.

She never lifted a dumbbell above her head. So Ben and Christine went to the gym they hired a trainer who showed them all the fundamentals and movements.

After having knowledge about all the movements and fundamentals they wanted to upgrade their workouts and gym.

Christine also mentioned that “it’s not necessary that you should have a personal trainer to get fit or get healthy. If you want to stay home and want to do yoga on your own? That’s totally fine, Do it. Christine also did that and got results.

She started weight lifting because of worrying about pain in her knees and lower back. Because of her flat feet which caused problems in her back. So that is why she felt that it will be safe and best for her to do workouts. 

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Diet Plan

Christine Simply Nailogical Diet Plan

Christine had a sweet tooth and all would drink was peppermint hot chocolates or chai tea latte.

She mentioned that sugary drinks were a huge thing for her to avoid or replace. It also takes time to overcome your craving for sugar.

So it will take time and you should have patience. She replaces sugary drinks with simple tea which includes a little bit of milk, tea, and water.

Christine didn’t make any diet plan which she followed or had. She just used common sense to eat healthy like adding vegetables in her meal and lean protein chicken breast. And she eats less than she used to. 

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How She Overcome Insecurities at Gym?

She used to feel uncomfortable at the gym. Christine mentioned that she was finding a safe corner at the gym where nobody could see her while working out.

It is also good to join classes where most are women if your issue is that you want to avoid gym bros. She said the key is just carving out your own space and working out where you feel comfortable.

Workout Routine

Simply Naillogical Workout

Christine does mix cardio and weights. The reason for doing cardio is because she uses it as a stretch. She does a slow incline on a treadmill and a slow high incline for 40 minutes while watching a show.

After every weightlifting session, she does cardio. She also walks to work a few times a week. But at the gym, she doesn’t do cardio before weightlifting.

So you have to save your energy for heavyweights before doing cardio. You can do 5 minutes on the treadmill before a workout just to help stretch and get your blood flowing.

Christine said that she usually has upper-body days and then lower-body days. So you can recover from one or the other over the next few days.

On upper-body days she does bench press in order to start with the hardest, challenging, and the heaviest.

Then you work your way down to the easiest because you want to save most of your energy for the beginning, the hardest stuff to get through.

After bench press, She does bent-over rows with the barbell (the thing that’s like that long pole with weights on the side).

And then she does overhead press where you are like pushing it above your head and then she does some cable attachments things like lat pulldown, arms shoulder stuff for the back. In the end, she went for some planks.

She does two upper-body days a week and two lower days. And on lower body days she does deadlifts and then hip thrust.

After that, she does a Romanian deadlift and then baby squats. She is doing baby squats because of her knee issues. And then she does single-leg Romanian deadlift or single leg glute bridges.

Before and After

Simply Nailogical Christine Before and After

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