Seth Rogan after weight loss

Seth Rogen Weight Loss: Workout, Diet, Before & After – 2021

Seth Rogen is a multi-talented Canadian, he is an actor, producer, director, writer, and comedian. Seth’s full name is Seth Aaron Rogen, he was born on the 15th of April in 1982. Rogen was born in a Jewish family, his parents are social workers. His father, Mark Rogen has worked for charity organizations, namely, Workmen’s Circle, a non-profit concern mainly for Jew people. His mother, Sandy Belogus, like her husband has worked for many charitable organizations. However, Rogen has defined his parents as “Radical Jewish Socialists”, although his father is American his lot of childhood has been spent in Canada because of his mother’s being Canadian.

Rogen has acquired his early education in Vancouver Talmud Torah Elementary School and then in Point Grey Secondary School. He has done Karate for 10 years in his childhood but he was also fond of stand-up comedy which later became the reason of his fame. Rogen’s love for comedy can be understood by his statement “As soon as I realized you could be funny as a job that was the job I wanted.” Rogen started taking classes of comedy at the age of 12 from Mark Pooley. In teenage he performed at various places, including friends’ parties, bar mitzvah and then on other bars, he would tell jokes about his grandparents, his camp and his friends.

Rogen met Evan Goldberg in the classes of bar mitzvah and became lifelong friends. They together started writing a draft of Superbad at the time Rogen’s age was 13. Rogen’s mother was really supportive of his work and sometimes even helped him in writings. At the age of 16, Seth Rogen got second position in Vancouver Amateur Comedy Contest.

His life at the age of 16 took a very different turn, his father lost his job so did his mother and the family fall in financial crises, they sold their old house and shifted in some small house, however, Rogen was lucky enough to get a role in Judd Apatow’s TV show based on his skill. Freaks and Greeks earned him real fame and made him the main wage earner at the age of 16.


As mentioned above Rogen’s official career started at the age of 16, in 1999 where he was casted in Freaks and Greeks. Although the show, Freaks and Greeks, did not get good ratings and was closed after just one season, Rogen got his full chance to prove his skills and he proved it. Apatow chose Rogen for his other shows as main character. Apatow made Rogen a part of his close-knit group “Frat Pack”. Apatow spend so much time with Rogen and worked on him so much that he once stated “I’m such a comedy fan that even though he is 16, I know I’m hanging out with one of the guys who’s going to be one of the great comics”, Apatow knew it at that time or not but he was right, Rogen indeed became a great comic. However, Rogen accepted it himself that “Obviously, I can’t stress how important Judd’s been to my career.

Later Rogen did a great deal of big projects, which included Donnie Darko, Anchorman: The Legend of Ron Burgundy, You, Me and Dupree, and many more. Rogen also proved himself as a great writer doing work in “Da Ali G show” for which he received Primetime Emmy Award Nomination. His major success came with the movie “Knocked Up (2007)” which was a romantic comedy. Knocked Up received a great response from the audience and was a box office hit. The film’s budget was $30 million and it earned $219 million from box office, which really was a major success of Rogen in career.

Let’s now turn to the main topic that we are concerned with, it was necessary to know the success of Seth Rogen to realize that he also struggled with Weight Loss, which helps to motivate not only his friends but also other people. We will now discuss how did Rogen got in losing his Weight, which of course is really a hard job.

Weight Loss Journey Started

Seth Rogan Weight Loss

Rogen’s weight loss journey started when he felt that he was too much weighted for the roll of “Green Hornet”, which he asked the director for himself. He was called “Chubby comedy star” before his weight loss. However, he proved them wrong and lost the incredible number of 14 kg!

During the shooting of “Family Guy,” Rogen met Ryan Reynolds and was very impressed by his fitness and physique. Rogen asked for Ryan’s trainer and from there, his weight loss journey started. Rogen mentioned that the major problem for him during weight loss was skin sagging which was pretty ugly, however, with continuous strength training he succeeded in shrinking his skin. Seth Rogen followed a strict diet and workout plan, let’s find out how did he lose the weight of 14 kg.

Diet Plan

For micronutrient nourishment, it is necessary to eat fruits and food comprised of proteins. Fruits helped Rogen to increase his energy level while proteins helped him leaning the muscles. Seth Rogen used to eat any three items in breakfast from the following:

  • In fruits and vegetables: banana, blueberries, grapefruit, tomato, cucumber, and spinach.
  • For proteins: smoked salmon, eggs, hemp seeds, and chia seeds.

For Mid-morning snacks, Rogen avoided junk fast food or any other branded snacks, his snacks were olive oil fried veggie chips and dipped in salsa sauce. In lunch, Rogen’s diet was composed on egg omelets, spaghetti, grilled chicken which would be cooked in olive oil, for protein his diet was salad. For afternoon snacks, Rogen’s diet was mainly comprised on dry fruits.

For dinner, Rogen followed the diet of cod fish, fresh sashimi and fat free turkey, while in vegetables he used to eat carrots, bell peppers, lettuce and cabbage.

It was this strict diet that helped him in overcoming his weight and fitting himself for the role of “Green Hornet”. Rogen not only followed a strict diet but also a strict workout plan.

Workout Plan

Rogen’s workout plan was composed on 5 days per week which included numerous workouts. The main focus of Rogen was on muscle build up rather than cardio workout. In building his muscles, Seth also lost a tremendous amount of fat tissues. Rogen’s trainer did a great help him to eliminate his weight, his trainer would increase the weight of gradually to Seth’s exercises to burn his fat quickly. That was his hard work that helped him in achieving not only the role he intended but also helping him in daily life and improving his health by removing unnecessary weight.

How much weight Seth Rogen lost?

By hard workout and following strict diet plan, Seth Rogen lost 14 kgs in the short period of 10 weeks! Which proves nothing is impossible unless you commit yourself in earning your goal.

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Where is Seth Rogen Now?

Seth is on his work again, nowadays he is busy in Amazon Prime’s adult animated TV series “Invincible”, where he is voicing over the character of “Allen the Alien”.

Before and After

Seth Rogan after weight loss

As mentioned earlier, after losing 14 kgs, Seth now weighs 190 lbs. However, the massive change in his body can be seen in the photo.

What has Seth Rogen said about his Weight loss?

After succeeding in his journey of Weight loss, Seth gave some tips to his fans and people who are struggling with their weight loss, following are his tips:

  1. First of all stop eating junk food, because if you are thinking to lose your weight then don’t increase it instead by eating Junk food. It will only make the situation from bad to worse.
  2. Seth asked his fans to stay motivated during your weight loss journey. Motivation can be achieved by following your daily routine.
  3. Follow your diet and workout plan on daily basis, don’t let yourself to be captured in procrastination. If don’t follow your routine then your diet plan will be ineffective and all struggle would be in vain.

This was the weight loss journey of comedy star Seth Rogen. We hope that it will not only motivate you in your struggle for weight loss but will also give you some tips and information that is necessary for you. Thank you

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