Karen Clark Before and After

Karen Clark Sheard: Health, Weight Loss, Surgery [2021]

A well-known American gospel singer, businesswoman, musician, and songwriter. Karen Clark Sheard won a Grammy award for her gospel singing. She is also the youngest member of the gospel group (The Clark Sisters).

With that said, Karen is also known for her weight loss. People are curious to know about her transformation. How did she do that? What was her plan? All other stuff.

Not only has Karen started to look different but all her sisters also have been changed. So in today’s article, we will break down all the things and plans which Karen followed to lose weight.

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Weight Loss Journey

In an interview Jacky Clark said that: We want to be healthy and as an artist you have to be able to reinvent yourself, to stay current, and to stay relevant.

And she also said: “The most important thing was we wanted to be healthy. And that means you do things that you do a lot too. Because in the industry people are usually cruel. I will admit I was fat. And I can also admit my sisters were too. But the thing is, do you wanna stay that way?

Clark Sisters

And then a lot of time in the industry, it is very hard to get opportunities unless you know people. It can be very very hard but being able to stay relevant, being able to stay current, and being able to administer. And we administer having health issues and weight loss becoming more health-conscious.”

That was the reason which prompted them to change their lives and bodies. So that they can stay healthy and relevant.

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How did Karen Clark Lose Weight?

In an interview with Deya Direct. Karen Clark Sheard talked about her health. She said (Karen): “I had a hernia for years since I was a teenager.”

And it affects her when she sang and she would be in pain while on stage. But she has planned on getting it done but as she grew up it got worse.

So finally she made up her mind and her doctor gave her advice to get hernia surgery. She went to the hospital and then they also found that Karen also had a blood clot in her lungs traveling toward her heart.

The doctor started emergency surgery and he caught it right before it got to Karen’s heart. She was in a coma for about three and half weeks.

Karen got an infection in her blood and her health started going down. Doctors said to her husband and family that they did all the things they can do and she had only a two percent chance to live.

Her husband and her family were very hopeful that she could live. John Drew (her husband) and her family prayed.

Karen Clark Family

Then the doctor found her husband (John Drew Sheard) in the chapel door and said “We don’t know how she came out of this but she came out of that coma”.

They even didn’t understand because they were telling Karen’s husband that you have to prepare yourself because she is not gonna live any longer. And then all he could say was it was just God.

She lost a lot of weight When she came out of a coma because she was bedridden for at least a month and a half. Her weight was going down and down.

So Karen thought why not take advantage of this situation. She started correcting her eating habits and started doing exercise daily.

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Before & After

Karen Clark Before and After

Which Clark sister is a Nurse?

Jacky Clark is one of the nurses in Clark’s sisters and in an interview, Jacky Clark was asked why she became a nurse?

Jacky said: “I really wanted to be a doctor but back in days I don’t have an opportunity. Because my parents couldn’t afford to pay me to be a doctor. So I knew I wanted to work in the medical field. But I didn’t have the opportunity to go to medical school neither I was smart enough. So the best thing for me is to become a nurse. I enjoy being a nurse. I still work today.”

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