HOW TO LOSE BODY FAT (Fast!):9 killer Techniques - No.7 is INSANE
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HOW TO LOSE BODY FAT (9 Tips) – No.7 is Insane [2021]

Really wants to know, How to lose body fat? then this article is specially dedicated to you.

Ripped Bodies can only achieve by cutting fat from your body. Using these techniques properly I bet you, that you will drop body fat and see the results in the mirror in under 30 days. Or maybe you lose body fat in a week.

Now, if you want to lose body fat and get ripped, read these killer tips to lose weight completely.

Apply these techniques and get ripped.

Bullet Points

  • All Techniques don’t carry the cost.
  • You can apply these techniques at home.
  • No need for any equipment.
  • How to lose body fat men and women both.
  • Free from the time limit.
  • Small Efforts and big results.

How To Lose Body Fat: 9 Tips

  1. Cut the Sugar
  2. Blacklist The Bakery
  3. Start Sports
  4. Combination Workout
  5. Hit the Drinks
  6. Say No To Fast Food
  7. Morning HIIT
  8. Meal Volume Setting
  9. Dinner Before 6 PM

1. Cut The Sugar

Cut the sugar now

Looking awkward na,The question popped up in your mind is,WHY?

Let me explain,

Sugar is the biggest enemy of your ripped body, it makes you fat more than junk. I’m not saying this, Researchers Proved this, and this too

Sugar is 10x more addictive than drugs of any type.

Let’s take a challenge for 50 days, skip sugar completely from your every meal, even morning tea too.

After 50 Days you will see the results easily in the mirror. You can do this challenge for more than 50 days too.

Apply these tips to drop and lose body fat fast in a few days and tell me results in comments, I’m curious to know. 

You can share your results on our Instagram.

2. Avoid Bakery Items

Avoid Bakery Items

A bakery item includes a higher amount of calories. These calories are responsible for your weight loss and weight gain.

The more calories you eat the more fatty you become. Minimize the bakery items as possible.

This tip falls in categorize of losing body fat (diet). These items also have a large amount of sugar, as I discussed above.

Just avoid bakery items as possible and this decision will help you to lose body fat percentage in a week. Apply and see the results.

3. Sports

You can see that in the world that sportsmen of every sport are fit and ripped more than a normal person.

Now, what’s the secret? The secret is that they are involved in HIIT (high-intensity interval training) which is a form of cardio.

Because of this cardiovascular activity. They lose there body fat and always remain fit. Now it’s your time to be fit using sports.

Just play any type of sports for 1 hour in a day but not the cricket because it doesn’t include more activity. I suggest you join Football or BasketBall etc. Because these types of sports have a maximum body activity.

You will reduce body fat naturally by this method. These sports help you a lot in losing fat from your body in a month.

You have to add the HIIT Training in your daily or weekly routine to lose body fat. If you have a question, you can ask me on Instagram.

4. Workout Combination

Daily workout

The workout is key to fat loss. But we want to lose body fat, now what type of workout is extremely helpful in losing fat.

The answer is any type of resistance training + Little Cardio.

Resistance training is maybe in gym, gymnastics or yoga. You just have to do 1 hr Resistance training or according to your strength.

Then combine a 15 minutes cardio. You can search on the internet and browse me this blog for resistance training and cardio complete workout.

This Workout combination is the best workout plan or combination for everybody in the world. You can easily lose body fat in 6 weeks. Don’t Think, Just Do It. You will see the result in a month easily.

5. Drinks

No unhealthy drinks

Drinks of any type whether its alcohol or a Coca-Cola, all are bad for health.
Especially, if you want to lose body fat than you have to cut every type of drink from your lifestyle. 1 Pepsi Bottle or 30 minutes running.

This is the reality. Now I think you understood. Jump into the next.

6. Fast Food

No fast food

Now a day’s Fast food is common. Everybody eats it and also loved it. An average person eats fast food 3 times a week. But nobody is talking about its disadvantages. 

It also carries out a large number of calories, which is very bad for every person. You have to skip all types of junk food and fast food If you really want to lose fat from your body.

7.Morning Running

Running in Morning

This is the technique that is best of all and powerful from all. Which I was talking about in the Title.

let me explain, You have to go for the morning 20 minutes running every day for 50 days empty stomach.

How it’s special, When we wake up in the morning, our glycogen store in the body is empty, which is used for energy to work.

Now here is the trick we use to lose body fat. In the morning over glycogen is empty and we don’t take food, remain it empty.

Now go for 20 minutes running. Running required energy, when we don’t have any energy in over glycogen stores.

But the body has to generate energy than it tapes your fat and burns it to make energy for running. This Technique Works Great Over Expectation.


8.Meal Volume Setting

Meal Plan for Fat loss

The meal Volume setting is simple. It didn’t give the big results but help in the long term. You must have 3 big meals, Breakfast, Lunch, Dinner.

Make Sure your breakfast is the biggest meal in the day. Lunch is half of the breakfast, and dinner is half of Lunch. This works a lot.

And you have to take small meals between all the big meals. But, small meals must be natural like fruit and dry fruit.

9. Dinner Before 6

Dinner before 6 pm

It’s another small trick to get control of body fat. This trick or technique is given by Akshay Kumar Famous Bollywood Actor.

In this, you just have to eat your dinner before 6 PM, this simple trick helps me a lot. In losing fat from the body, its very beneficial.


When you eat dinner late at night, your body doesn’t have time to digest properly, the body can not repair your muscles by late-night eating and the body converts it into fat. When you eat before 6, The food will digest properly.


  1. Help in fat loss
  2. Deep Sleep
  3. Proper Digestion

Complete Video Guide


I told you 9 killer tips to decrease and minimize your body fat fast. Now you never search on the internet about  HOW TO LOSE BODY FAT because now you know it.

Now you have to just apply these all 9 techniques to lose fat from your body. You will see the results in a month.

Idea N0.7, about what I’m talking about in the title, is briefly explained above. Go and read it. If you have a question, ask me on Instagram, and follow me, and get updated with my life.

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These weight loss hacks are going to help you in the weight loss journey.
After reading this article you don’t need to work out to lose weight.


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Question For You,Which technique is the best in your eyes?

 HOW TO LOSE BODY FAT (Fast!):9 killer Techniques - No.7 is INSANE

Share this article with your friends who also want to lose fat. Press the share button now, it motivates me to make more awesome fat loss tricks and strategies for you which works in actual.


This is my promise, if you apply these tips properly and strictly, no one can stop you from losing fat. I’m waiting for your answer.

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