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(Updated) 7 Best WEIGHT LOSS HACKS for You! [Don’t miss the No.4]

These weight loss hacks are going to help you in the weight loss journey. After reading this article you don’t need to work out to lose weight.

Also, I’m damn sure that you don’t know about the NO.4 Weight Loss Hack. But I’m here to teach you what’s good and important for weight loss. Because we care for you!

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First of all,

let me clarify to you that what I mean by hacks for weight loss. It means that losing weight without doing harder workouts and without throwing yourself in the world of restrictions on all your joy.

Weight Loss Hacks

These hacks cannot replace the importance of workouts and diets but, they are most beneficial in terms of weight loss.

I can bet you that if you implement these hacks honestly in your daily life, no one on the earth can stop you take steps towards weight loss.

These hacks will help you to lose some weight along with making you healthier and better than yesterday.

Let’s jump into the main thing, These weight loss hacks are.

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  1. Golden 5 Minutes
  2. 1% Rule
  3. Always Remain Your Equipment At Front
  4. Reset Your Choices /Replace
  5. Say No To Sugar
  6. 32 Technique
  7. More Water



Golden 5 Minutes:

I mean by Golden 5 Minutes is the time before the breakfast. This is a single time which is such a blessing for persons who want to lose weight.

I’m bound to take this hack in the list of weight loss hacks because of their unusual results.

What you have to do is to do a 5 minute HIIT workout means skipping or any other before breakfast.

It can replace the workout of half an hour after breakfast or any time of the day. The reason behind it, when we wake up in the morning our body is empty.

Means No Food.

Food is the fuel of the body. When you do the 5-minute workout before breakfast, the body directly taps the fat of the body for fuel to use in the workout. By this hack, you can directly tap body fat.

The more than 5 minutes you do the more results you achieve in weight loss. Stop thinking and start doing because it was scientifically proven Check out Here.

1% Rule:

This hack teaches you that the 1% improvement is better than none.In weight loss what it means?

It means that, take small steps not big.

Weight Loss Rules

Our minds get easily motivated fr the small or little task but not for the big and hard task and procrastinate.

After now When a thought of weight loss comes to your mind, immediately take step towards weight loss by simply skipping the junk food, not the whole but a byte.

Someone says to the other,

If you have to eat the elephant how will do you do?

Person answers! Byte by Byte.

If you want to lose weight really then take steps not to think only. 

Improve by 1% by skipping a byte of junk food and increase it with time.

Improve by 1% by saying no to eating bakery items.

Improve by 1% by just going to school, college or office on the walk.

Improve by 1% by saying no to chips.

This is the hack for your brain, Your brain will immediately get ready for small tasks. Your brain needs a lot of motivation and inspiration for a 1 hr workout.

By this hack, you are slowly coming to your goal of weight loss. Apply it and watch how will you improve, grow, and lose weight.

This will also give you a sense of control that everything is in control of you and you will do more than before. Small changes lead to big results. This is the most useful hack to motivate your brain and to lose weight.

Always Equipment At Your Front:

The third hack I’m going to present is to make sure that all the accessories related to your weight loss goal,like skipping rope, jogging shoes, treadmill, etc.

Dumbbells and Shoes for weight loss

The question blow-ups in your mind are what will happen because of this? My friend it’s a scientific thing and a logical technique. Two benefits you will receive because of this.

  1. These things always make you remind you for your weight loss goal. Subconsciously your brain getting command for an exercise and for to for your goal.
  2. When you ever got motivated you can easily start workout or exercise because all the equipment you need is ready than you launch like a rocket for a workout.

These are little benefits, but all little is needed when you want to achieve big.

Implement it and enjoy your weight loss journey. Share this article with your friends to help them it motivates me to write more engaging ones for you. Subscribe By email if you really want to lose weight in 2020.

Reset Your Choices/ Replace:

Now the thing comes about I’m talking in the first words of an article. This is the thing most people don’t know or at least don’t know how to use in terms of weight loss.

First of all, you have to know what it means.

It means that you change your choices in your normal life. Understand by the story:

Mr.A regularly go to the bakery and buy 2 Donut’s and eat them with gossiping with his friends.

When he listens to the advice change or reset your choices than he desired to implement it.

Today, he purchased only 1 donut and ate it by gossiping with the friends.

After a week he buys a bar of chocolate instead of donut and after more sometimes he just goes and gossip and get back to the home with some dry food.

Understood? How he used that simple hack in weight loss. How he replaced his bad habit of eating Donuts with this hack and converted into the habit of eating dry food which is so good than eating Donuts.

Like this, you have to change your choice or replace it. This will help you with weight loss a little. But in the long term, this will help you big because it builds habit. 

Be long term champion. This is the hack I personally use and literally I love it, I love its results. Share your experience in comments.

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Now you will get full power motivation quotes.

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Say No To Sugar:

This is also the hack I love and I use it.Just to cut the sugar from your daily life.

Reduce Sugar to loss love handle

You can’t believe it before seeing the results on your own. Sugar is 1000 times more addictive than drugs in my view.

If you didn’t believe it, just take the challenge of 30 days without sugar. Reality will make you realized. Sugar makes you fat you can read here about sugar in weight loss.

I’m not asking you to cut off sugar completely. You have to skip the sugar step by step.

Firstly, cut off 3 of 1 tea of the day or tea without sugar. Take small steps towards sugar-free life.

You can more understand why sugar is unhealthy and you have to cut off or reduce it to lose weight in this video.


32 Time Chewing:

It is another weight loss hack that you can use to lose weight if you don’t want to do exercise.This is in actual, is an eating style.

It is a habit of eating food slowly and chewing the byte 32 times. What you have to do?

First of all, you have to promise yourself to be consistent with this habit style otherwise it will never become your habit and it’s not a short term hack its strategy.

After that, you have to start eating byte 32 times a day, JUST. By this hack, you can lose weight easily in the long term.

Along with the weight loss 32 Time Chewing habit also have more benefits:

  1. Good digestion
  2. Less Eating
  3. Enjoying the food
  4. Tooth Benefits.
  5. Absorb More Nutrients and Energy From Your Food
  6.  Maintain a Healthy Weigh
  7.  Your Food Gets More Exposure to Your Saliva
  8.  Less Excess Bacteria Lingering in Your Intestines

This hack helps you in building a habit of eating the right way. That is the key to success in a weight loss journey.

After getting it into your habit, you will never have to think about dieting.

It is in your own self is a diet. This is not like a strict diet it’s an eating style that is friendly to the anti weight loss system.

I the first days it may be hard than you think but slowly it will become easier for you.

Don’t give up. Just implement this hack of building eating style friendly with the anti weight loss system and enjoy your restrictions free diet and lose weight.

Easy Hack To Lose Weight Fast

Drink More Water:

It is another simple hack I can give you if you want to lose weight is to drink water.

Your body has a large amount of water in itself. If you make your body feels a surplus of water it stops holding water. You can read more about it here.


In the end, e got some new weight loss hacks for 2020 which is so beneficial for the person who cannot regularly exercise and diet.

These 7 hacks for weight loss works only if you make them a bit. Because it works slow but 1000%.

These hacks include,

Don’t miss the No.4 Its special for you. Share this article with your friends to help them it motivates me to write more engaging ones for you.

Today’s Question:

Which hack you will never apply?

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