Robert Costa Before and After Weight Loss

[Updated] Robert Costa Weight Loss: Diet, Surgery, Before & After [2021]

Born on 14th October 1985. Robert Costa an American journalist, national political reporter for The Washington Post, political analyst for NBC NEWS, and the moderator of Washington Week.

Panel guests love Robert for not interrupting them while the panel discussion. He proudly says that “I pride myself in not interrupting. Guests know I really want to know what they know”.

He is not popular only for his Excellence Journalism or Political views. Robert Costa’s weight loss journey is also very popular among his fans and others who want to lose weight.

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Robert Costa Journey

Robert Costa Weight Loss

Losing weight for a person like Robert Costa is such a very challenging task. Due to the busy schedule of a journalist. When he was asked what is behind his weight loss then he answered:

“I realized that I was getting too tired very soon. I woke up early in the morning last year and asked myself, Why am I eating a hamburger every day?” So I started going for a walk every day and opted for a very balanced diet. And the result is here:)

His Diet for Losing Weight

Robert confessed that He was on “Campaign Diet” (Fast Foods and stuff like a hamburger) for over 10 years. His one simple step of changing dietary habits made a big difference in pounds in his weight.

He was not on any expert prescribed diet! Costa just followed his own way and made these changes in his dietary habits:

  • He started drinking Black Coffee instead of Coffee full of Cream and Sugar.
  • Costa started ignoring Fast foods and moved on from his Campaign Diet.

Daily Habits

Robert’s very small step towards his diet showed a vast result and helped him to lose pounds from his total weight. Let’s find out how his Dietary Habits Changing decision came up with this kind of massive results.

As he said that, He has eliminated Cream and Sugar from his coffee (drinking black coffee might take some time to get used to it).

Eliminating sugar from your coffee eliminates 40 calories from your coffee. And removing cream from it Eliminates up to 50 calories per serving.

Does it not sound great that You can also easily eliminate 90 calories from your diet every day. By just adopting a good habit of drinking Black Coffee? Via Eliminating around 100 calories from your daily diet. You can potentially lose around 12 Pounds every year without doing anything else.

A Double Patty 100 Grams Hamburger contains around 250 calories and Costa decided to eliminate eating a Hamburger from his diet.

You should keep adding more good habits to your daily diet and this is what Costa actually did. He simply added going for a walk every day and walking a mile every day burns around 100 calories means another 12 Pounds every year.

How Much Robert Costa Lose Weight?

He has lost a good amount of weight in the last couple of years after turning 30. The actual amount of How much he has lost weight is not confirmed yet but we can make a guess according to his diet:

  • Black Coffee: Having Black Coffee a day eliminates around 12 pounds every year, which means he has lost 36 pounds in the last Three Years.
  • Walking: Going for a walk every day eliminates 12 pounds every year, which means he has lost another 36 pounds in the last Three Years.

Since Robert Costa has been following his new diet for the last three years. So according to us, He may have lost 72 pounds or around 32kg in the last three years.

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Health After Weight Loss

After making a headline in 2018 for losing a very good amount of weight, His fans got concerned about his health and started asking if Costa is ill or sick.

Robert Costa appeared in Television Critics Association, a group of the United States and Canadian television critics, journalists and columnists, to talk about his Weight Loss and his health.

Many of his fans were concerned about drastic changes in his body and wanted to know if his weight loss was intentional or not.

During the Interview, He answered this question and said “His weight loss was intentional and he is totally fit, nothing to be worried about his health”.

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Does Robert Costa Join Any Weight Loss Program?

Robert Costa Weight Loss Program

In an interview when he was asked for his Weight Loss Program than Robert answered “I am dependent totally on a diet and never had much exercise or any other physical activities for his weight loss program”. However, walking was always a part of Robert Costa’s weight loss program.

According to Costa, “you don’t need to do any kind of organized exercise program in order to lose your weight”. All you need to do is Just make a proper plan and execute it with consistency.

His Weight Loss Plan

Robert Costa, in an interview with Deadline Hollywood, had said that “He followed his diet and Weight loss plan until he lost a good amount of weight”.

This kind of commitment is very rare in a world where people want to see results overnight. His weight loss plan was as simple as sweet:

  • Eliminate calories how much you can from your daily diet.

Before and After Weight Loss

First of all, have a look at Robert Costa’s photo before and after his weight loss. If you are following him for a long while then you can clearly notice a very good amount of changes in his body volume and weight.

Robert Costa Before and After Weight Loss

As Robert has said, “He saw his frequent feeling of tiredness before losing the weight’.

According to research “Being overweight increases a person’s risk of fatigue” which is totally against the profession of a Journalist like Costa who has to work continuously and sometimes overnight too.

Feeling fatigued due to his body weight compelled him to Weight Loss. Now after losing a very good amount of weight, Costa started looking more attractive than before, and obviously, his productivity for his work has increased.

His personality after reducing his body volume has been improved too in such a very good amount.

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